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Flexential® Introduces "Flexential Xperience Platform" to Simplify Hybrid IT Monitoring and Management

Flexential® launches enhanced FXP digital portal to improve and simplify management of hybrid IT environments

06 / 30 / 2021
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Flexential today announced its newly enhanced customer portal, the Flexential Xperience Portal (FXP). Offering improved user experience and functionality, the FXP enables the end-to-end visibility and control that modern organizations require to maximize IT system performance, quickly access information, and make more informed decisions, even with limited resources.

Seamlessly managing hybrid IT systems has never been more critical, or more complex, than in today's remote work environment. Historically, to achieve a holistic view of distributed workloads, IT professionals have had to monitor multiple tools and run disjointed reports – a time consuming and technical process. As remote work increases the need for on-demand remote support, this fragmented approach is no longer sufficient. In fact, according to Gartner, investment in hybrid digital infrastructure management is growing as organizations recognize the infrastructure and operational digital transformation needed for modern business. A unified platform that provides greater visibility and control of both virtual and physical environments is a key element of any modern digital infrastructure.

The FXP is purpose-built to provide this holistic view of hybrid IT environments. Designed with Flexential customer requirements in mind, the portal's visualization-based dashboards are available to all Flexential customers through a centralized and intuitive digital portal focused on visibility, transparency and flexibility. Via FXP, customers can remotely manage their colocation sites, Flexential cloud environments, connectivity to public cloud environments and data protection services in real-time. The portal is also equipped with data center visualization capabilities, enabling customers to monitor bandwidth and data center activity at the cage and cabinet level including power, space, temperature and humidity, and address onsite issues via proactive alerts across all sites.

"The data center power and environmental data from the new Flexential Experience Portal (FXP) is giving us many new insights into how we can most efficiently manage our hybrid IT data center and network operations," said Jim Elliot, VP of Technical Operations, Viasat.  "These insights help us manage our growth to meet the needs of our dynamic mission critical satellite operations worldwide."

Across today's enterprise, flexibility is key. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of "As a Service" models and, in turn, expecting more on-demand services and flexible buying options. Through FXP, customers have the flexibility to buy services such as cross-connects and bandwidth remotely and on-demand, as needed. Customers will soon be able to make requests for sensor technology, purchase connectivity to the public cloud and additional power. Customer support via integration with the ServiceNow® platform also allows customers to take advantage of the full benefits and functionalities of the ServiceNow platform, 24/7, from ticket logging to complete service management.

"With the Flexential Xperience Portal, we are empowering our users with a real-time view of their hybrid IT environments that no other vendor can provide," said Chris Downie, CEO, Flexential. "Our team at Flexential saw an opportunity to better support the infrastructure that keeps businesses running using a state-of-the-art portal. We're excited to continue to evolve with our customers and enable them to be as productive and proactive as possible."

For more information on the Flexential Xperience portal, please watch this FXP video.

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