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Flexential® Announces Hosted Private Cloud - Advanced Access

April 6, 2021

New addition to Flexential’s single tenant, Hosted Private Cloud offering provides full customer control and management of VMWare’s vCenter

Flexential today announced the launch of its Hosted Private Cloud – Advanced Access cloud solution, a new cloud product offering customers full cloud control and VMWare vCenter management – the only solution in the market today to do so. 

HPC – Advanced Access is a new addition to Flexential’s Hosted Private Cloud offering which extends more control to customers, beyond the previously released Hosted Private Cloud – vCenter Access solution. It is part of Flexential’s industry-leading cloud portfolio that consists of Hosted Private Cloud, vCenter Access, Multi-tenant, Managed Public Cloud and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. HPC – Advanced Access gives users the advantage of having full control of their cloud environment as well as direct access and interoperability with third-party tools customers have already invested in. 

Moving workloads from on-premise environments to the cloud continues to be the primary driver amongst US enterprise IT initiatives because of the gains it provides in efficiency and cost savings. According to Gartner, over 90% of infrastructure and operations (IO) organization staff will be largely remote by the end of 2023, with ‘anywhere operations’ and ‘core modernization’ coming to the forefront. Knowing this, enterprise agility, application automation and workflow innovation will be key. Businesses are thus increasingly looking to offload the management burden of their compute, network and storage requirements while maintaining the ability to allow their internal IT departments to easily manage and configure infrastructure resources. 

Flexential’s HPC – Advanced Access is providing businesses with full control and access to the underlying hypervisor, which allows integration of 3rd party tools. With the proliferation of 3rd party DevOps tools and the essential functionality they bring to application development, HPC – Advanced Access provides customers with the advanced vCenter permissions to enable full control over their third-party integrated environment. 

“Flexential’s new HPC – Advanced Access solution enables us to manage, maintain and configure our cloud solution just as we would had we built a similar solution in-house,” said Michael Brizendine, VP of Technology at Onyx CenterSource. “It’s ideal for us because we have the ability to make real-time decisions to optimize our workflows as our business needs dictate, and we can trust that the management and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure is in good hands with Flexential.” 

“Businesses today need flexible underlying cloud solutions if they hope to remain competitive and agile in our modern IT-driven economy,” said Mike Fuhrman, chief operating officer of Cloud and Managed Services, Flexential. “With this latest addition to our Hosted Private Cloud family, we are providing customers with the enhanced freedoms to manage their resources, to optimize their applications and ensure consistent, high-quality code releases. We are helping businesses to be more agile with their workflows and increase the frequency and reliability of software deployments. Flexential remains committed to empowering businesses with the tools and access needed to be more efficient and perform at the highest possible level.”

Building upon the company’s Hosted Private Cloud – vCenter Access solution, Flexential’s new advanced solution allows customers to have the same level of freedom, flexibility and control as they would in their on-premise environments. The elimination of outsourced vCenter restraints provides a powerful advantage compared with other vCenter Access offerings.  Ultimately, HPC – Advanced Access allows customers to refocus resources on priority workload projects and save money that would be allocated to on-premise infrastructure.  

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