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Improving business workflows to strengthen efficiency and the bottom line

Paperwise utilizes multi-tenant cloud and Flexential technical expertise to support customizable automation software.

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 “Our software allows customers to operate their businesses the way they want. Flexential’s cloud infrastructure enables our platform, and the expertise of its internal team delivers strategic technical support when needed.”


The challenge

Paperwise had been with its prior data center operator for several years when the provider began implementing some mid-contract changes. Frustrated by the new policies and waning service level, the company decided to make a change.

Paperwise researched both Azure and AWS. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Paperwise’s internal team was highly trained in Microsoft solutions, and the company used Azure Paperwise had been with its prior data center operator for several years when the provider began implementing some mid-contract changes. Frustrated by the new policies and waning service level, the company decided to make a change.

The solution

The company was already spinning up servers and testing its systems in Azure when its trusted IT advisor of 18 years, TierOne, recommended it meet with Flexential. Strictly as a courtesy to TierOne, Paperwise agreed to the meeting, making it clear they were ready to move forward with Azure. For Flexential, winning the business would be an uphill climb, requiring the company to deliver more than just a solid IT solution.

Armed with a team of seasoned engineers, Flexential met with Paperwise. The Flexential team’s depth of knowledge impressed Paperwise.

“Flexential’s engineering team did not miss a lick in that initial conversation and even had us considering other strategies and deployment technologies,” said Dan Langhofer, president at Paperwise. “Halfway through the meeting, I saw a calm come over our team, and then a calm came over me. That calm came from the fact that Flexential offered a technical resource team, not on my payroll, that I could lean on if I had to.”

With competitive pricing and access to a level of expertise and support not available at Azure, Flexential helped the Paperwise team reconsider its direction.

Paperwise researched both Azure and AWS. Paperwise chose to pivot away from Azure and partner with Flexential, implementing a multi-tenant cloud environment and cloud backups out of Flexential’s Dallas facility. With its entire environment operating out of Flexential, including 40-50 terabytes of client data, Paperwise now relies on Flexential and its FlexAnywhere® Blueprint for “Improving Application Performance and Reliability” to ensure its operational integrity.

Designed to address common business challenges, FlexAnywhere® Blueprints deliver business-enabling solutions that fast-track IT transformations and drive competitive edges. Offering a 100% data center power and network availability service level agreement (SLA) and a five 9’s availability SLA for Flexential Cloud, this blueprint helps Paperwise meet higher customer SLAs to support uptime and strengthen the customer experience.

Flexential’s scalable environment also supports Paperwise’s future growth, and its physical and logical security measures—including dual-factor authentication access, biometric scanners, 6-zone security access, and 24/7 monitoring—protect Paperwise’s operations and help it meet customers’ strict security and compliance requirements. These safeguards protect Paperwise’s operations and allow the company to safeguard customer data, manage audits, ease prospective customers’ security concerns, and address requests from customer compliance officers more easily.


Headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, Paperwise is a leading process automation platform designed to help small- to medium-sized businesses address operational hurdles without risking security. Its low-code platform enables customizable document management, intelligent capture and workflow management capabilities that improve efficiencies and expedite business processes to better engage employees and drive bottom-line profitability.

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