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Unlocking business innovation: The power of cloud

In the ever-changing technology arena, the cloud emerges as a modern convenience and a powerhouse of innovation.

02 / 8 / 2024
5 minute read
Unlock innovation cloud

The stakes couldn't be higher, with industry giants and startups turning to the cloud for its transformative capabilities. According to McKinsey, a staggering value of over $1 trillion awaits Fortune 500 companies in the cloud, primarily through innovation and optimization—a testament to its revolutionary impact.

The cloud canvas: Sketching the future of business

Cloud technology isn’t a new player in the field, but its role in driving growth and innovation remains more relevant than ever. Despite facing challenges, the cloud remains a pivotal force in the business world. This article aims to delve into how cloud services are not just supporting but actively driving business innovation and growth.

Cloud-native architectures: Foundations of innovation

Understanding the cloud's impact requires a dive into cloud-native architectures. These designs embrace the cloud from the ground up, focusing on microservices, containers, and serverless computing. Take TCW’s cloud environment, which was customized by Flexential to support operational demands, including the need for high availability, scalability, and the ability to deploy new services quickly. 

TCW Quote

Edge computing and IoT: Pushing boundaries

Cloud services extend their reach with edge computing, harmonizing with IoT devices for on-the-spot data processing. AWS IoT, for example, is a game-changer that analyzes data from countless devices. This is revolutionizing sectors like healthcare, where edge computing is vital for remote patient monitoring. In fact, the global edge computing market is expected to hit $155.90 billion by 2030, showcasing its growing importance.

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud: Diverse pathways to innovation

Experts stress the value of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies. Businesses can tailor their cloud journey by integrating different cloud services with on-premises infrastructure. Companies like Flexential are at the forefront, offering diverse solutions that cater to innovation and compliance needs, with hybrid cloud solutions for a variety of use cases.

Cloud as a catalyst for innovation

Senior executives across industries recognize cloud technology as a catalyst for innovation, a dynamic field where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) don't just thrive—they revolutionize. The cloud's scalable resources and powerful computing capabilities enable AI and ML applications to process vast datasets, learn from them, and evolve, essentially transforming data into actionable insights and creating new opportunities for business innovation.

One example is AWS's machine learning platform, Amazon SageMaker, which has witnessed a customer growth spurt of 250% since 2020v, symbolizing the burgeoning demand for sophisticated machine learning tools. SageMaker simplifies the ability to build, train, and deploy machine learning models, making AI more accessible and igniting a wave of innovation across sectors. From healthcare's predictive analytics to finance's fraud detection, SageMaker, and similar platforms are the backbone of modern AI strategies.

The emergence of new business models

The cloud also paves the way for innovative business models, particularly through DevOps and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipelines. These models are predicated on agility, efficiency, and continuous improvement—values deeply embedded in cloud services.

Leading GPS solutions provider, PassTime relies on its IT infrastructure to provide its customer base with the secure, always-available, low-latency access they need to monitor and track their assets in real time. Utilizing a comprehensive suite of IT services, including Flexential Hosted Private Cloud, PassTime transformed its single cabinet colocation environment into a dynamic hybrid IT solution, allowing the company to move away from traditional external hard drive backups in favor of a near-real-time solution that ensures customers have access to the information they need when they need it.  The cloud solution also helps offload PassTime’s internal team of managing and maintaining the infrastructure so it can focus on building the business. Additionally, Flexential provides integration with leading public cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure to strengthen PassTime’s strategic direction and increase network bandwidth and compute power to keep pace with its growth.

This continuous innovation culture fostered by DevOps, underpinned by cloud technology, is democratizing innovation, allowing startups to deploy scalable apps and services rapidly. This is reshaping consumer expectations and forcing industries to adapt at an unprecedented pace.

Challenges and opportunities ahead

Despite its potential, the path to full cloud integration is fraught with challenges. Businesses grapple with maximizing the cloud's capabilities, often hindered by a shortage of skilled professionals well-versed in cloud-native technologies. Moreover, as the demand for tailored solutions grows, the rise of industry-specific clouds presents both a challenge and an opportunity. These bespoke clouds offer specialized tools and services, allowing businesses to leapfrog generic solutions for ones that speak directly to their unique needs.

The push towards mature digital ecosystems demands a strategic approach. A robust cloud strategy, therefore, isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. For businesses targeting long-term growth and innovation, the cloud is the unifying digital fabric, promising to stitch together the future of business innovation.


For the cloud-savvy and the tech-curious alike, the relationship between cloud services and business innovation is intricate and layered. The scope for innovation is vast, from cloud-native architectures to strategic cloud deployments.

Navigating the cloud landscape requires a keen understanding of its vast possibilities and inherent challenges. With the right expertise and strategic vision, the cloud can unlock doors to unprecedented business innovation, creating opportunities that were once inconceivable. As businesses move forward, the cloud will undoubtedly remain a central piece in the puzzle of digital transformation, serving as both a catalyst and an enabler of future successes.

“It's all about the connectivity, and it's all about redundancy, security, resiliency, and I think that's ultimately what our IT consumers want—the ability to make performance a competitive advantage.”

—Jason Carolan, CIO, Flexential, Data centers in the AI era: Emerging trends and strategies for 2024

Cloud services are the catalyst for transformative change, empowering businesses to scale with agility. They're rewriting the script for industries, fostering a future where innovation is not an event but a constant.

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