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Unlock the future of data centers

The backbone of any modern enterprise lies in its data center. As businesses strive to stay ahead of the curve, the importance of robust, scalable, and efficient data center design cannot be overstated.

06 / 10 / 2024
3 minute read
Next Gen Data Center Design Blog

Our latest infographic, The key components of next-gen data center design, provides an insightful visual overview of what sets Flexential apart in the world of data centers. 

Discover the core elements of next-gen data center design 

Flexential has always been at the forefront of innovation in data center solutions. With over 20 years of colocation expertise, we are dedicated to integrating high-density solutions from the ground up. Our purpose-built data centers are designed to meet the highest performance, reliability, and sustainability standards, ensuring that your business can focus on growth and innovation. 

Our new infographic highlights: 

  • Speed to market: Rapid deployment intervals and growth support with standard design
  • Supplier independence: Ensuring multi-year growth plans are not constrained by supply
  • Efficiency and repeatability: Delivering the same high-quality solutions across multiple markets
  • Adaptability: Infrastructure that evolves with market demands, supporting high-density and AI growth
  • Variable capacity: Addressing both multi-tenant and single-tenant needs with scalable solutions.
  • Sustainability: Achieving water and power efficiency goals

Download the infographic now to see how Flexential cutting-edge designs can power your business's digital transformation. 

Next Gen Data Center Design


FlexAnywhere® Platform expansion in Denver

In conjunction with our focus on next-gen data center design, Flexential is thrilled to announce the expansion of our FlexAnywhere® platform with the development of our fifth and largest data center in Denver, Colorado. This state-of-the-art facility, located in Parker, CO, will span 249,000 square feet and boast a capacity of 22.5 MW, enhancing our ability to meet the surging demand for high-density colocation and advanced interconnection solutions. With this addition, our total footprint and capacity in Denver will be 759,000 square feet and 49.4 MW, making it a central hub of technology and innovation.

This expansion underscores our commitment to supporting the digital transformation of enterprise businesses across various industries, providing critical power resources, regulatory-compliant facilities, and a stable location with low risk of natural disasters. Our new Denver data center will enhance our FlexAnywhere Platform interconnection capabilities, including the recently introduced Flexential Fabric, which simplifies virtual connections across our network. To learn more about this exciting development, read our full press release here.

Read the Full Press Release 

Dive deeper into Flexential high-density colocation

Flexential high-density colocation solutions are engineered to support your most demanding workloads. Whether you are expanding your cloud infrastructure or looking to optimize your existing setup, our high-density colocation services provide the flexibility and performance you need. 

Flexential is committed to providing the infrastructure and expertise necessary for your business to succeed. Explore our latest offerings to see how we can support your digital transformation journey, or contact us today to get started.

Accelerate your hybrid IT journey, reduce spend, and gain a trusted partner

Reach out with a question, business challenge, or infrastructure goal. We’ll provide a customized FlexAnywhere® solution blueprint.