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Navigating cloud evolution

An exploration of the evolved cloud paradigm

11 / 17 / 2023
2 minute read
Navigating cloud evolution

To stay ahead in today’s dynamic landscape, IT environments must embrace agility to take cloud progression to the next level. But the challenge is how to thrive without sacrificing control.

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Recently, Flexential and NetApp experts hosted a webinar, “The evolved cloud: Unlocking the potential of hybrid multicloud without sacrificing control,” to discuss how to embrace the future of cloud while retaining control over applications, data, access, cost, and security.

At its core, the evolved cloud represents more than a strategic framework; it encapsulates a paradigm shift in cloud architecture. It’s a landscape where the cloud seamlessly integrates into architecture and operations, presenting a strategic approach enabling organizations to harness multiple cloud environments’ diverse advantages.

Striking the optimal balance between control and flexibility

Fundamental to the evolved cloud is the delicate balance between control and flexibility. Beyond the optimization of workloads and scalability enhancement, this paradigm underscores the imperative of maintaining control over critical data and applications.

To navigate this landscape, the evolved cloud introduces state-of-the-art tools. Cloud management platforms, orchestration tools, and automation capabilities emerge as pivotal components, architects of operational excellence that centralize control and optimize the intricate infrastructures of hybrid multicloud environments.

>The evolved cloud also demands strategic decision-making. From workload placement to data management and application deployment, this paradigm represents an opportunity for organizations to make informed choices aligned with their unique business requirements.

A deeper dive

We’ve only scratched the surface of the evolved cloud’s implications. For a deeper exploration, watch our on-demand webinar, “The Evolved Cloud.”

Get valuable insights and best practices on addressing common challenges when implementing a hybrid multicloud environment with a security-first mindset, with tips on harnessing the evolved cloud’s power while ensuring data protection and confidentiality. Learn how to bridge the gap between cloud strategy and execution and embrace the power of the evolved cloud without sacrificing control. As a bonus—fresh from NetApp INSIGHT—the hosts also share key insights from the event!

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