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Navigating change: The Flexential approach to the Broadcom-VMware acquisition

Empowering your cloud journey through our consultative approach amid industry transformation.

02 / 15 / 2024
3 minute read

In an era where cloud managed services are pivotal for enterprise growth and innovation, the landscape is continuously reshaped by technological advancements and corporate acquisitions. The recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom epitomizes these dynamic shifts, marking a significant transformation in the cloud services sector. This change prompts enterprises and IT professionals to reassess their strategies and partnerships to maintain a competitive edge and foster innovation.

Understanding the shifts in cloud managed services

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom signals a new chapter in cloud managed services, potentially altering service delivery models, licensing structures, and the future trajectory of cloud innovation. For organizations deeply integrated with VMware's solutions, the acquisition raises questions about the impact on their operations and long-term technology roadmaps. Flexential, as a leader in secure and scalable data center solutions, is committed to guiding customers through these evolving landscapes.

Partners leading the way

The recognition of Flexential as a Pinnacle Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Partner within the Broadcom Partner Advantage program underscores our commitment to excellence and customer support. This elite status, shared with only a select group of VMware Cloud Service Providers in North America, reflects our dedication to navigating the changes spurred by the acquisition.

What we know today:

  • Enhanced support and partnership: As a Pinnacle CSP Partner in the Broadcom Partner Advantage program, Flexential ensures the highest level of support and discounts from VMware. This includes better service response time SLAs and access to senior engineers, aiming to mitigate concerns about support quality post-acquisition.
  • Billing model update: Due to Broadcom's acquisition of VMware, effective April 1, 2024, services will be transitioning from vRAM-based to Core-based billing to align with Broadcom’s new licensing model. While this shift aims for transparency and predictability in billing, we understand concerns around potential cost implications with core-based pricing. Our team is committed to providing guidance and support, meticulously evaluating cost implications to minimize any potential impact to our valued customers.
  • Continuous innovation and development: Flexential is continuing to evolve our services and support around VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), its features demonstrating our commitment to innovation and the enhancement of cloud solutions despite the acquisition.

The Flexential role in shaping cloud services post-acquisition

Achieving Pinnacle partner status not only validates our expertise but also positions us to deliver unmatched value and support in the evolving cloud landscape. With access to enhanced discounts and support exclusive to Pinnacle partners, Flexential is well-equipped to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the acquisition.

Flexential comprehensive offerings, including unique solutions like Hosted Private Cloud - Advanced Access, demonstrate our commitment to flexibility, scalability, and customer empowerment. Our strategic position allows us to influence the future direction of VMware by Broadcom's offerings, ensuring our customers benefit from the latest innovations.

As the cloud services ecosystem continues to evolve, Flexential remains committed to supporting customers through these transitions. Our Pinnacle partner status enables us to offer secure, scalable, and innovative solutions that align with our customers' evolving needs. We are dedicated to enhancing our managed services portfolio and leveraging our partnership with VMware by Broadcom to navigate the changing landscape together.

How we can help—today

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