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Wasabi and Flexential new IP peering solution

06 / 27 / 2024
2 minute read
Location Peering with Wasabi

It always helps to know your neighbors. They’re always there when you need to borrow a cup of flour, water your plants, or, in the case of Wasabi and Flexential, peering IP bandwidth. Now, all Flexential Internet customers can take advantage of this special relationship for superfast data transfers to US-based Wasabi storage regions. 

What is peering?

When outages, network routing issues, and other network problems occur, they are most likely to occur due to network architecture changes or routing conflicts. Typically, the more networks your connection traverses on its way to its destination, the slower the journey. The fewer networks, the faster your connection.

Transferring high volumes of data to the cloud is one instance where you’d want as few interruptions as possible. Peering reduces the latency and network hops to the final destination, meaning there are no middlemen or middle networks that can impact the Flexential + Wasabi connection.

Usually, clients are advised to deploy private connections to receive significant performance increases, which can add costs and technical complexity. Thanks to Wasabi and Flexential network architecture (and strong partnership), Flexential IP Bandwidth clients are not required to make any technical changes to utilize this peering relationship.

Peering Map

Closer than ever

Wasabi has been partnered with Flexential since we opened our first storage region in Hillsboro, Oregon. Since then, we’ve opened three more across the country, all with network connectivity with Flexential. Any customer who uses US-based Wasabi services over Flexential Internet services will automatically be entitled to this peering arrangement. This functionally means that Flexential clients can use their IP Bandwidth connection to reach Wasabi while also receiving dramatically improved performance.

Taking advantage of the lightning-fast connection between Wasabi storage and Flexential Internet is now easier than ever.

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