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Experience the benefits of cloud without forfeiting hypervisor access and control

According to the latest Flexera State of the Cloud Report, despite economic volatility, organizations continue to embrace the cloud. However, there is now a growing awareness of costs, with cost control now being prioritized over security.

05 / 11 / 2023
3 minute read
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As enterprises embrace cloud computing for its many benefits, including improved agility and cost savings, they surrender the control over the IT environment that they possess with an on-premise or collocated data center infrastructure.

Deploying a cloud-based solution presents enterprises with two main options: Build their own clouds or partner with a cloud services provider (CSP). While building the cloud environment allows them to retain full control over the IT infrastructure, it is an expensive and complex undertaking that requires significant upfront capital, on-staff expertise and ongoing management, maintenance as well as expensive and risky three- to five-year continuous hardware refresh cycles.

Utilizing a CSP comes with its own challenges. While enterprises utilize the provider’s existing cloud infrastructure—eliminating the need to manage space and power provisioning; racking and stacking; infrastructure security and compliance; software licensure; ongoing equipment upkeep and replacement; and a series of other responsibilities—they relinquish control over the IT environment, including the hypervisor, which is the software that creates and runs virtual machines (VMs).    

The reality is enterprises want the best of both worlds: They want to maintain control over their environments without the burden of managing the underlying infrastructure. Without this access and control, enterprises cannot independently manage and configure infrastructure resources to optimize their IT environments. This requires direct access to the hypervisor, which, until recently, no provider has been able to deliver. This changed with Flexential Hosted Private Cloud – Advanced Access.

Hosted Private Cloud – Advanced Access

Flexential HPC – Advanced Access product is leading the way in providing enterprises with access to and control over the cloud environment they desire without the added infrastructure expense and management responsibilities. This industry-first solution puts enterprises in the driver’s seat, enabling a greater degree of personalization without sacrificing security and compliance.  

With HPC – Advanced Access, users receive full administrative permissions to VMWare’s vCenter, allowing them to manage resources and access control privileges directly from the Flexential-owned vCenter environment. Additionally, the solution is compatible and interoperable with the third-party tools enterprises have already invested in, allowing them to enable and control:

  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Virtual desktop deployments
  • DevOps capabilities

While the enterprise achieves the unrestricted hypervisor-level access they desire, the Flexential team of cloud experts operate, manage, and secure the cloud infrastructure to ensure its performance, availability, security, and compliance. This allows enterprises to remain focused on their core business and better allocate their internal IT resources to revenue-generating business-enabling initiatives.

Flexential has recently enhanced its HPC – Advanced Access product through advanced metrics and reporting and advanced migration to better support multicloud environments and provide enterprises with the insights they need to better manage and optimize their environments.

Explore the industry’s only cloud offering that allows customers to have full administrative control over the provider-owned vCenter to fully manage and control workloads as the needs of your environment change. Learn more.

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