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Bring your whole self to work: Embracing authenticity at Flexential

In today's fast-paced and competitive work environments, companies increasingly recognize the value of fostering a culture where employees can bring their whole selves to work. 

06 / 30 / 2023
2 minute read
Embracing authenticity at Flexential

At Flexential, our mantra to “flex who you are” is more than just a catchy saying—it is a core belief that drives our commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive workplace. We believe that your authentic uniqueness is a powerful asset that contributes to our collective success as a people and as a company.

Embracing authentic uniqueness

When we encourage you to bring your whole self to work, we are not only referring to your job-related skills and experiences but also to the complete tapestry of your identity. We value and celebrate the aspects that make you who you are, whether they are similar or different from anyone else. Your personality, race, gender, opinions, age, preferences, background, abilities, interests, beliefs, thoughts, skills, orientations, language, and commitments all contribute to the rich diversity that fuels our innovation and growth.

Empowerment and growth

Flexential is committed to empowering you to flex your strengths, energize your weaknesses, and grow from your mistakes – part of our “Growth Mindset” value. We recognize that personal and professional growth often stems from embracing our whole selves. By bringing your authentic self to work, you can leverage your and others’ unique perspectives, skills, and experiences, allowing new ideas and insights to emerge. We encourage you to take risks, voice your opinions, and contribute in ways that align with your true self.

Breaking barriers

Societal, cultural, and personal barriers can sometimes make it challenging to fully express your whole self in the workplace. However, at Flexential, our commitment to inclusivity means actively breaking down barriers and ensuring everyone feels welcome and safe. We value diversity of thought—an inclusive workplace fosters creativity, innovation, collaboration, and the opportunity to flourish.

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment

To truly bring your whole self to work, it is essential to cultivate and maintain an environment that embraces and respects all individuals. We champion a culture of open-mindedness, respect, and empathy, where differences are accepted and celebrated. We encourage dialogue, promote learning and understanding, and continuously strive to improve our practices to ensure everyone feels valued and heard.

Bring your whole self to Flexential


Bringing your whole self to work is more than a mere slogan at Flexential—it is a fundamental belief that shapes our culture and drives our success. We understand that embracing authenticity and creating an inclusive environment go hand in hand. By inviting you to flex who you are, we empower you to contribute your unique perspectives and talents, helping us to thrive as a diverse and dynamic organization.

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