Optimized Clouds

Cloud Transformation & Optimization

Experienced cloud consultants design and optimize clouds for predictable costs, improved security, reliability and agility 


Enable scalable, secure clouds aligned with financial & operational business needs.

Despite most organizations adopting one or more cloud services, IT teams rarely include a sufficiently staffed cloud group experienced in cloud strategy, cloud design, security, transformation and migrations. This increases risk to cloud project success and causes project delays, increased costs and unnecessary disruptions. 

So how can your organization access cloud expertise, proven processes and experience to more quickly and successfully execute your cloud initiatives? Our professional services cloud team can be your answer.  

Our highly experienced cloud experts provide services that address every cloud journey stage and every cloud maturity level—from assessing cloud readiness to creating strategy, architecture, and connectivity, to executing cloud transformations and migrations with minimal disruption. 

The cloud world is complex and constantly changing, so partner with a team that plans and executes cloud transformations every day. Find out how Flexential Professional Services can support your cloud journey and help you achieve predictable costs, improved security, reliability and agility. 

Capabilities & Benefits
  • Cloud Strategy
    Create your cloud journey roadmap

    Develop a future-state vision, cloud strategy and roadmap aligned to financial and operational business needs. Identification of potential challenges and assessment of workload portability to cloud environments.

    Optimal workload placements
    Documented cloud strategy
    Cloud transformation roadmaps
    Expert guidance and discovery for reduced risk
  • Cloud Migrations
    Partner with experienced migration experts

    Leverage a proven migration methodology to uncover dependencies and address potential challenges.  Receive plans for migration execution that includes validation, testing, and cutover. Expert cloud migration execution reduces risk, minimizes downtime and accelerates transformations. 

    Discover & identify dependencies
    Documented migration strategy
    Detailed migration procedures and test plans
    Robust validation and UAT before cutover
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    Cloud Cost Optimization
    Control AWS and Azure costs

    Reduce your AWS and Azure cloud costs through analysis of workloads, resource allocations and consumption patterns. Receive prioritized cost optimization recommendations for controlling or reducing costs. 

    Avoid runaway cloud costs
    Eliminate costs for unneeded services
    Optimization aligned to business requirements.
    Costs aligned to preferred financial models
    Improve cloud cost predictability
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    Cloud Compliance
    Cloud compliance reporting & enablement for HIPAA or PCI DSS

    A monthly monitoring report, vulnerability scanning and compliance reporting for Flexential cloud environments.

    Improve cloud compliance
    Meet compliance reporting requirements
    Reduce risk