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Optimize hybrid IT with workload placement

While cloud adoption is at an all-time high, many organizations still lack a formal cloud strategy and make ad-hoc workload placement decisions.

A strategic approach that aligns workload placement with business needs, technical requirements, and IT capabilities eases cloud adoption challenges and supports better business outcomes. Organizations that address cloud and hybrid IT decision-making from a workload perspective and successfully place those workloads in the optimum environments can achieve greater flexibility, scalability, security, and lower IT costs.

Flexential Professional Services has created a Hybrid IT Strategy Framework to guide workload placement decisions using 14 technical, operational, and financial criteria. Read the white paper to understand how to make optimum workload placements and better cloud decisions.


Michael Fitzgerald

Senior Director of Engineering, Flexential Professional Services

Michael leads the Flexential Professional Services team for cloud, architecture and infrastructure transformationhis experience includes leadership roles in IT operations, security, business continuity, compliance and infrastructure architecture and design.

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