Optimize hybrid IT cloud strategy with workload placement

While cloud adoption continues to surge, many organizations find themselves without a formal cloud strategy. Learn how aligning workload placement with business goals, technical requirements, and IT capabilities eases cloud adoption challenges and enhances flexibility, scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. 

A comprehensive white paper on navigating and optimizing workload placement 

  • Intelligent workload placement is the fastest-growing driver for multi-cloud architectures  
  • Workloads should drive platform and infrastructure requirements, not the other way around 
  • There is no one-size-fits-all path to navigating workload placement decisions  
  • A hybrid IT strategy framework navigates technology choices and organizational priorities  

Download our white paper "Use workload placement to optimize hybrid IT strategy" to achieve greater flexibility, scalability, security, and lower IT costs. 

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Use a framework to align with business priorities

The Flexential Hybrid IT Strategy Framework incorporates technical, operational, and financial criteria to assist you in guiding workload placement decisions. Discover how to optimize your workload placements and enhance your cloud decision-making.  

Workload Placement

Accelerate your hybrid IT journey, reduce spend, and gain a trusted partner

Reach out with a question, business challenge, or infrastructure goal. We’ll provide a customized FlexAnywhere® solution blueprint.