According to Gartner, 47 percent of CEOs are being challenged by the board of directors to make progress in digital business, and 56 percent said that their digital improvements have already improved profits.

The IT Transformation Continuum is the journey in which businesses evolve and transform their IT infrastructures to create efficiencies through virtualization, integration and automation. It’s not an infrastructure-based progression, and it’s not about where workloads live. Business decisions shouldn’t be made based on infrastructure, but rather the applications that need to be optimized.

For all businesses, regardless of industry, costs of traditional IT need to be minimized and reallocated into more innovative technology initiatives to help propel enterprises forward. People, processes and technology all come into play, and implementing efficiencies in each area is key to success. Teams must become highly efficient, technologies must empower people and processes must be streamlined and automated to ensure superior functionality.

In terms of virtualization, leveraging virtual machines, containers and serverless technologies positions your business to be more structured in all systems you build.

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