Broad reach and capabilities

Flexential helps organizations optimize IT transformation while simultaneously balancing cost, scalability, compliance and security. With a focus on building trusted relationships, providing valuable support and delivering tailored solutions and reliable performance, Flexential delivers colocation, connectivity, cloud, managed solutions and professional services to 4,200 customers across the U.S. and Canada.

For nearly 20 years, Flexential has been helping data-intensive organizations transform IT from a cost center to an asset to achieve innovation and improve speed to market while also lowering risk. Our comprehensive suite of hybrid IT solutions, coupled with the depth of our team’s experience and expertise in developing tailored solutions to meet your exact needs, are what set Flexential apart. Wherever you are in your IT transformation journey, Flexential is your partner to optimize and evolve your workloads’ performance, reliability and security.

Flexential colocation advantage

To compete in today’s business climate, organizations must be both purveyors and consumers of data. Processes are transforming and becoming more digitally based at an alarming pace. Organizations need to provide essential tools to customers and employees on networked platforms. This shift to data-intensive, networked business ecosystems requires data centers to transform as well. Modern data centers need to be able to support higher equipment densities. Traditional data centers simply do not have adequate energy distribution to meet the growing power needs of today’s technology. Organizations need to be able to take advantage of this new technology to transform their infrastructure and succeed in today's marketplace.

Our newest data centers have the capability to deliver more than 1,500 watts per square foot. This not only gives you the power to run your most intensive applications but also allows you to realize cost savings, even in a high power density environment due to our highly efficient data center design and low Power Usage Effectiveness ratings.

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