Despite the growth of cloud adoption across multiple industries, most communications, media and publishing firms are not looking for cloud-only solutions, citing latency and application performance as critical decision-making factors. Approximately 68% of these firms are actually taking a hybrid approach to IT, leveraging a combination of colocation and private and public cloud services to support operations. With primary concerns centered on workload performance and managing the growing application volume, communications, media and publishing firms will need to remain focused on that approach to support the requirements and demands of end users.

While not the top priorities, latency for timely delivery of content and overall cost of the IT approach are still considered when determining workload and application placement, which can exclude cloud for many applications. Only 16% of participants in 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Digital Pulse survey are launching cloud-only environments. Most communications, media and publishing firms rule out cloud-only approaches, citing concerns over security and the cost to retrieve large amounts of data from the cloud on a consistent basis, such as with streaming media. Additionally, many communications, media and publishing firms are targeting a multi-location deployment to support consumers at the edge. Edge datacenters offer proximity and competitive pricing to support large deployments associated with streaming and dynamic content.

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