Vice President of Network Strategy
Tim Parker, Vice President of Network Strategy

Tim is the vice president of network strategy at Flexential, where he is responsible for guiding the company's interconnection ecosystem and developing network strategies and architectures for Flexential's HybridEdge Strategy. Tim has more than 25 years of experience in delivering high-performance customer service in the IT and Telecommunication sector.

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AI, IoT, machine learning (ML), autonomous cars and 5G are today’s hot topics in the US and beyond. Connectivity has become increasingly critical as content evolves and becomes more impactful through HD, visual AI and advances in sensor data.
Rapid innovations in AI and IoT and unprecedented amounts of data transmitted over billions of connected devices are driving the demand for colocation data centers that can deliver next-level connectivity on the edge.
The well-storied “data deluge” is driving enterprises of all sizes and industries to move critical applications and workloads to the “edge” of their network infrastructure where data can be acted on immediately.
IoT solutions and the devices enabling them will drive global data traffic toward an estimated, mind-boggling 600 zettabytes within the next year. But it’s no longer just about home monitors, autonomous cars and video cameras. While the Internet of Things (IoT) drives the connected world, it’s artificial intelligence (AI) that’s making all that data actionable and intelligible.
Leading the way among Portland data centers is the Flexential Portland - Hillsboro 2 Tier 3 data center, the U.S. cable landing station for two of the newest and most robust subsea cables connecting Asia and the U.S.
Many enterprises are using edge computing or are planning to in the near future. Here are the seven components of an edge strategy.
Increasing data demands, the Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging 5G technologies are just a few of the many reasons that enterprises should implement an edge strategy sooner rather than later.
Peering has evolved in recent years into a proven technology that is here to stay and growing. Under the right conditions and with the right guidance, it can be a cost-effective, secure network solution.
Flexential announces new partnership with IX-Denver to deliver open peering fabric services to customers.
Connectivity has been thrust into the spotlight by today’s global marketplace, with the instant-access, on-demand expectations of our culture both highlighting its value and driving continued innovation. These days, the right low-latency cross connections can make or break a business.
Digital transformation initiatives are reshaping how and where organizations do business, and the infrastructure required to support those initiatives, including those that involve massive data analytics and the Internet of Things, must evolve as well.
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