Cloud Data Storage & Disaster Recovery

Agile, scalable and cost-effective data storage & recovery

Strategically address your data demands in a cost-effective model 


Streamline your data storage and recovery with cloud-based solutions.

Flexential data center storage solutions can be tailored to equip you with the necessary variations in capacity, scalability, availability and security that your business needs. 

Organizations that require the on-demand capacity and accessibility to support multiple use cases—from data archiving and backup recovery to cloud-based applications and devOps—will find Flexential cloud-based storage to be an ideal solution.


Flexible data storage options that provide durability, high availability and scalability

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    Archive Storage powered by Wasabi
    Store your long-term data in a secure, high performance and low-cost environment.

    Flexential archive digital data storage, powered by Wasabi, is a simple and affordable way to store extensive amounts of data, including unstructured data for long-term use, without the complexity and high cost of enterprise storage tiers offered by other providers.

    One universal cloud storage service
    Delivers 99.999999999 of durability
    Low cost
    No egress or API fees
    Full support to AWS S3 APIs
    Predictable and straightforward pricing model
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    Object-Based Storage (OBS)
    Geographically distributed, scalable storage solution

    Easily store and access gigabytes or terabytes of unstructured data to meet your business and compliance requirements. With Flexential OBS you will have access to a durable, secure and fast storage service intended for applications that require low latency and frequent data access. Flexential OBS provides customers with a simple and secure cloud solution to aid them during their digital transformation journey.

    Geo-dispersed storage (geo-erasure coded)
    High availability
    Data durability of 99.999999999
    No egress fees
    Simplified pricing model
    Full support to AWS S3 APIs