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A streamlined data strategy 

Fully address your business needs and support your long-term backup, data archiving, application and AI strategies.


Choose the storage strategy that is right for your business needs

Tailored storage solutions that equip you with the necessary variations in capacity, scalability, accessibility and security that your business requires. With Flexential, you’ll be able to support essential IT demands like storing structured and unstructured large datasets, running analytics, and processing transitional and database workloads. Flexential offers both Shared Storage Solutions and Object-Based Storage (OBS) options that provide the flexibility you need to support different use cases inside your organization.

Flexential’s shared storage solution uses a large storage area network (SAN) and divides it into hundreds of logical unit numbers (LUNs) to support multiple customers. This provides greater flexibility for the customer without the large capital outlay associated with purchasing a dedicated SAN.  

OBS is a cloud-based solution that is elastically scalable. You can easily access gigabytes or terabytes of storage as needed to meet your storage capacity requirements. Your data is accessible through simple REST APIs, customizable with any configuration of network-attached storage (NAS) to cloud and backed by our 100% uptime SLAs. 

Features & Benefits

Flexible and cost-effective storage options that provide easy access and scalability 

Ideal for organizations that require the on-demand capacity and accessibility to support multiple use cases—from data archiving and backup recovery to analytics and AI strategies. 

  • Flexibility and agility through multidevice access  
  • Self-service capacity adjustments support your needs in real time 
  • Data protection and security 
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Improved storage efficiency

Deliver maximum availability and resiliency.

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No need for hardware ownership and management

Avoid investments in servers and internal resources allocation.

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On demand scalability

Grow your storage capacity whenever your business strategy requires it.

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Simplified, pay-as-you-go pricing

Manage costs while meeting storage and data access needs.