A flexible, scalable and effective backup solution

Ensure business resiliency by protecting your data and ensuring it is available when you need it. Quickly recover and restore your data in the event of a disruption or a disaster.

The Flexential BaaS solution is flexible and purpose-built to meet your stringent security and compliance requirements—and on-demand availability is guaranteed.

Features & Benefits

Custom fit to meet your unique security and compliance requirements

You’ll maintain off-site backup storage, backup encryption and fast data restoration with flexible cloud-based database backup solutions. Our experts will help you to choose and implement a backup solution that outfits your unique data retention and compliance requirements as well as help you further design and refine your disaster recovery strategy.

  • Encryption in flight and at rest 
  • Built-in resilience supported by a robust network backbone
  • Off-site redundancy  
  • Simplified backup and recovery management 
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Increased security and compliance

Securely encrypt and protect your data at the source to meet compliance requirements.

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Outsourced IT team

Partner with highly certified backup service provider experts who design and support the cloud backup solution that’s right for your retention and retrieval needs.

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Simplified billing

Streamline your budget with no upfront capital investments and no hidden fees.

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Fully scalable

Protect your data with a flexible solution designed to evolve as your business demands change.

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