Taking you to the next level with strong, secure connections to hyperscalers

In today’s ever-changing IT landscape, businesses recognize the need for strong interconnection capabilities and seek providers with connectivity-rich facilities and secure and low latency connections to hyperscale cloud providers such as AWS, Google, Oracle and Microsoft Azure.

Flexential offers customized, private network options and interconnection capabilities that extend to hundreds of national and global carriers. With our 100 Gbps backbone, you can select the network capacity that best fits your needs today to connect to hyperscalers knowing that the network is readily scalable to 400 Gbps based on your business needs and growth.

This high-capacity network connectivity delivers premium performance, reliability and service delivery on a global basis without sacrificing security while maintaining low latency for optimal performance of your applications. This flexibility helps you expand your reach and cloud connections, and receive wider coverage and faster market speed to your end users – at the network edge.

Features and benefits

Features of hyperscale cloud connect

  • Interconnected infrastructure with other enterprises, service providers and partners including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle and Microsoft Azure
  • Scalable connectivity
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Direct connect from any Flexential colocation or cloud environment

Benefits of hyperscale cloud connect

  • Gain cloud connectivity at the fastest speeds to hyperscale cloud services
  • Improve application performance by removing network and server latencies
  • Increase user satisfaction and usability
  • Adjust the solution as your needs change
  • Improve business agility and reduce costs

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What our customers say
"The customer service DNA so ingrained into the Flexential corporate culture has truly been a pleasure to work with. We appreciate the innovation Flexential is bringing to the industry to further protect our IT infrastructure and the precious data we and our customers use every day."
Cynthia Nustad, Senior VP and CIO, HMS