Why your business needs HIPAA compliant cloud storage and PCI compliant hosting

To create a more defensible information technology infrastructure, security and compliance must be a conscious part of your system design, organizational management, technical processes and network development. Mitigating security risk is also the foundation for achieving full compliance with industry and governmental standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and many others.

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Leverage Flexential’s IT security solutions to free yourself from the constant worry of sophisticated threats and evolving regulations

For most businesses, adherence to computing regulatory standards (like HITECH) is simply a requirement for doing business in a global market. However, monitoring the day-to-day activities of data encryption and the storage of information for your business can be time consuming (and doesn’t come cheap). Flexential is the most capable provider in the market to ease your troubles; we have the tools and talent to deliver a comprehensive suite of IT security solutions, such as HIPAA compliant cloud storage, PCI compliant hosting, and many other data security services to help you successfully navigate ever-changing regulations while also protecting your business from a growing number of sophisticated threats.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with securing HITRUST CSF, PCI or HIPAA certifications or seeking colocation or cloud solutions that meet these rigorous standards, Flexential can create a tailored solution for your organization. We have a dedicated IT compliance officer on staff, and you can leverage our audit-ready facilities and compliant cloud storage to ensure the security and availability of your applications and data.

We were among the first in the industry to offer HIPAA compliant cloud storage, PCI compliant hosting, and HITRUST CSF certified IT security solutions to users in the market. Our professional service team is PCI QSA certified, making us uniquely qualified to conduct a comprehensive assessment that identifies the unique features and needs of your business, and provide you with guidance / support each step of the way. We enable you to focus on your business, while we focus on the complexities of data security and regulatory compliance.