Migrate your data center worry-free

At some point in the life of IT operations, enterprises often find themselves contemplating a data center migration. Whether driven by budget considerations, expansion needs, impending hardware refresh, relocation, or the pursuit of enhanced protections, the question remains: How can data be moved safely to a new environment while mitigating risks?

7 best practices for a successful data center migration

Data center migration can be an overwhelming project, but by implementing best practices, IT teams can ensure a smooth migration, minimizing downtime and avoiding hurdles:

  • Identify migration scope
  • Assess platform stability
  • Define the criticality of data
  • Know your network
  • Determine downtime
  • Establish migration methodology
  • Test the plan

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Internal migration vs. partnering

Enterprises must carefully evaluate whether they have the internal resources for a successful migration or if partnering with a third-party migration specialist is the better option. Working with an experienced partner can relieve pressure and ensure a smoother process.

Migrate your data center worry-free

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