Ransomware readiness: Preparing your defense against the threat

In past years, ransomware attacks reportedly cost the United States $7.5 billion, and the average recovery time for each incident was 287 days. The incidents were not simply expensive inconveniences; the disruption they caused put people’s health, safety, and lives at risk.

It’s clear that ransomware is a serious threat, and it’s only becoming more advanced and harder to defend against. A proactive strategy and robust recovery plan can minimize your vulnerability and prepare your organization to defend against these threats effectively.

During this on-demand video, you will learn:

  • Ransomware landscape and current trends
  • Who is most vulnerable to attacks and why?
  • Best practices to assess your IT environment and prevent attacks
  • How to recover data, systems, and applications after an incident
  • Real-world use cases for successful defense against and recovery from ransomware

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