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The FlexAnywhere Methodology for enabling hybrid multicloud


Are you ready to get cloud-smart? Join us for the last in our FlexAnywhere Methodology webinar series as we close out the year talking hybrid multicloud best practices!   

If you’ve been wondering what applications should go private vs. public cloud, how to redesign for public cloud, and how to use AI and advanced analytics to get the most out of your migration, then we have the webinar for you.  

Our expert panel will host this hybrid multicloud-focused session, where you’ll learn:  

  • How to know what application workloads to put where, and why it matters 

  • How to augment colocation with private cloud  

  • Which tools make it easier to redesign for the public cloud  

  • About designing apps and automation for the public cloud  

  • The leverage autoscaling, containers, and microservices offer to your investment   

  • How to utilize AI to get the optimal security and ROI on your investment  

Get all the insights you need to start implementing a cloud-smart architecture to get the best ROI for your IT spend with the FlexAnywhere Platform and cloud expertise as your guide.  

Craig Cook, Flexential
Craig Cook
SVP, Customer Solutions and Services,
Servaas Verbiest
Servaas Verbiest
Director, Solutions Architect,
Derek Siler, Flexential Solutions Architect
Derek Siler
Solutions Architect II,

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