Retail colocation trends report: What challenges and changes will 2023 bring?

The retail colocation market is experiencing significant change. Factors such as technological advancements, ongoing economic instability, and environmental concerns are all affecting the industry as service providers strive to meet the growing demand for data center power and space.

Download our report to learn the six key trends to watch in the retail colocation market—from cloud hyperscalers to sustainability, we delve into the industry's transformation, including:

  • the decentralization of Internet infrastructure,
  • the growth of Tier 2 markets,
  • how the economy will impact market pricing,
  • the importance of cloud connectivity,
  • growing demand for IoT devices and faster connectivity,
  • and the increased industry focus on sustainability.

Download the report now to stay on top of today's retail colocation trends and prepare for what's ahead.

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