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ViaWest Data Center in Hillsboro, Ore. To Offer High Speed, Low Latency, Direct Network Connection to Asia

Service across the New Cross Pacific subsea cable begins in late 2017

06 / 5 / 2017
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NANOG 70 CONFERENCE – BELLEVUE, WASH. – June 5, 2017 – ViaWest announced that later this year it will begin offering access to the New Cross Pacific subsea cable, the fastest low-latency, fiber-optic cable between the United States and Asia.

Directly terminating in ViaWest’s Brookwood Data Center in Hillsboro, Ore., this high capacity subsea cable will significantly reduce the latency between the United States and Asia, delivering up to 80 terabits per second of capacity between the Northwestern U.S. and East Asia in order to improve access to the high-growth region spanning China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

“ViaWest is pleased to offer a direct connection to the newest undersea cable of its kind to businesses in the U.S. seeking high speed access to Asia and vice versa,” said Tim Parker, Vice President of Network Services for ViaWest. “Most existing undersea cables are at full capacity. This provides a new, optimized route, or potentially a redundant route, for companies that require additional capacity.”

The NCP cable is expected to serve as the foundation for new bandwidth-intensive services that businesses require today. It is owned by a consortium of seven member companies including a large U.S.-based company and six Asian telecommunications providers. With the U.S. connection point terminating at the ViaWest Brookwood Data Center, the cable will use the latest optical amplifier technology to achieve high performance and reliability in the transmission of multiple wavelength channel signals, on multiple fiber pairs, to mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

“This service is available not only to ViaWest clients but also to those of other Hillsboro-area data centers,” said Bill Cory, Regional Vice President at ViaWest. “As a member of the Hillsboro Data Center Ring, ViaWest will offer metro cross-connects to the NCP cable from four other data centers on the Ring. Likewise, our access to the Ring enables ViaWest to offer direct access to hyperscale public cloud solutions. Through the NCP cable connection and Hillsboro Data Center Ring membership, we believe that our Brookwood Data Center is among the most connected data centers in the U.S.”

The ViaWest Brookwood Data Center offers more than 140,000 square feet of raised floor capacity for colocation, cloud computing and other data center services. ViaWest offers super high power density capabilities exceeding 1,500 watts per square foot and Power Usage Effectiveness ratings of 1.3 at its newest data centers, including the Brookwood Data Center. Additionally, ViaWest delivers a range of solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs, including among others:

  • Private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, including a dedicated cloud node in the Brookwood Data Center, for premium reliability and low latency
  • Compliant-ready solutions for the healthcare and payment card industries
  • Managed bandwidth and other premium network services

About ViaWest

ViaWest is a leading Hybrid IT Solutions provider offering cloud, network, colocation, compliance services and security solutions, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaw Communications Inc. (NYSE: SJR). With 18 years of experience, 30 North American data centers and multiple cloud nodes, ViaWest offers IT and infrastructure solutions that solve business challenges while balancing cost, scalability and security requirements. ViaWest delivers tailored solutions designed for maximum reliability and flexibility backed by our 100% uptime commitment.

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