Guide to tailoring protection levels to workloads for effective disaster recovery

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Data protection is a necessity, not a luxury, in today's dynamic digital economy. Organizations face a growing number of threats aimed at exploiting vulnerabilities and hijacking valuable data. Human error often contributes to data breaches through orchestrated social engineering attacks, system misconfigurations, or employees bypassing security controls. Our guide provides you with the knowledge and practical steps needed to create a robust data protection strategy that ensures business continuity and minimizes operational disruptions during data breaches or disasters.

Key takeaways:

  • Comprehensive insights: Understand the critical importance of business continuity and disaster recovery programs.
  • Tailored strategies: Learn how to match the right data protection tools with the appropriate workloads for efficient recovery.
  • Practical steps: Get actionable guidance on network setup, stakeholder access, and balancing cost, complexity, and swift recovery.

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Don’t leave your business vulnerable! Master the concepts of RTO and RPO to categorize and protect your workloads effectively, then explore our Data Protection Tiering Model to learn how to assign workloads to the correct tier, ensuring efficient data recovery.

Tailoring protection levels

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