Why Nashville? Key Considerations for Landing Your Infrastructure in the Nashville Market

June 30, 2021

Known for its thriving music scene and home of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, Tennessee has become a prime relocation option for many organizations. In fact, nearly every month a new enterprise company is relocating to the greater Nashville area. With its business-friendly economy, low cost of living, low corporate taxes and highly educated workforce, it’s no wonder Nashville is a hotspot for the healthcare, music, retail, technology and financial services industries.

Here’s why Nashville is a great option when it comes to the location of your IT infrastructure:

Business-friendly economy – Tennessee’s low corporate taxes, zero state income tax, low cost of living and high concentration of technology workers make it a desirable place for businesses to locate their headquarters. In addition, the entrance of large hyperscale data centers to the area (i.e., Facebook) will provide a halo effect, drawing in more providers, more jobs and more economic growth.

Renewable resources – The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) recently constructed a large solar energy generation plant to service Middle Tennessee, increasing awareness and availability of important renewable resources. TVA expects to add 7,000 to 10,000 megawatts of solar energy by 2040.

Mild weather – Tennessee has a temperate, moderate climate with a low risk of flooding, earthquakes and severe weather. This makes it a strong position for a disaster recovery site, supporting traffic that needs to move out of natural disaster zones.

Centrally located – Nashville is centrally located in both Tennessee and the U.S. and is at the crossroads of three major interstate highways. There are direct flights from many different cities through its recently expanded Nashville International Airport. As more companies move to Tennessee, there will be a continued focus on infrastructure build-out.

New office construction in Nashville is on the rise, and with that comes an increased demand for colocation services. It’s essential to look for a data center provider with an all-encompassing service offering that can support your network connectivity, data protection, disaster recovery and private and public cloud requirements all under one roof.

Work with a customer-focused provider with a national platform that can scale as your business scales. Look for a partner with the right team, the right services and the right operational support model to support you on your hybrid IT journey.

Flexential’s Brentwood – Franklin – Cool Springs Data Centers

Flexential operates three data center facilities just south of Nashville, all within close proximity of one another for ease of multisite deployment. Flexential provides cloud and managed services natively out of its Nashville data centers, creating a seamless path for true hybrid IT solutions for local enterprises. Flexential has had a presence in the Nashville area for 14 years and will continue to grow alongside its customers there.

Flexential’s network of data centers in Nashville offers secure and reliable colocation, network, compliance, security, disaster recovery and cloud services for complete hybrid IT support. The three data centers are part of a national platform that interconnects all of Flexential’s data centers, from Philadelphia to Phoenix, Portland to Fort Lauderdale, and everywhere in between.

Ryan Mallory, Chief Operating Officer, Colocation Services

Ryan Mallory

Chief Operating Officer, Colocation Services

Ryan drives operational excellence and performance optimization for the colocation and interconnection portfolio at Flexential including data center and network operations, product management, design, construction, engineering and facilities management.

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