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Data security strategies you should know about

In the digital age, where information flows freely and businesses rely heavily on data to operate efficiently, ensuring the security of sensitive information has become a top priority. 

08 / 30 / 2023
9 minute read
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What is a data security strategy?

While you may know what is data protection, the increasing amount of sensitive data being shared makes having a robust data security strategy not just a matter of compliance; it's a strategic imperative for businesses of all sizes. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of data security strategies, exploring their importance and the role that Flexential plays in elevating your organization's data security to new heights.

A data security strategy is a crucial component of any organization's operations. This comprehensive plan outlines the detailed steps, advanced technologies, and best practices that organizations must implement to safeguard their sensitive information from unauthorized access, cyber threats, and breaches. The strategy includes a wide range of techniques, tools, and policies that are aimed at mitigating risks through data backup and ensuring that data remains confidential, integral, and available at all times. It also may include strategies on how to protect cloud data. With a robust data security strategy in place, organizations can rest assured that their sensitive information is well-protected and secure from all potential threats.

What is the importance of having a data security strategy?

Data is the driving force behind strategic decisions, innovation, and the tailored experiences that customers have come to anticipate. As the flow of data continues to surge, it's accompanied by a surge in the sophistication and frequency of cyber threats. This dynamic underscores the undeniable necessity of a robust data security strategy, which has evolved into an indispensable cornerstone of every organization's digital ecosystem.

Preserving data confidentiality, integrity, and availability

At the core of data security lies the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) triad. Confidentiality ensures that only authorized entities can gain access to sensitive information, integrity guarantees data's accuracy and unaltered state, while availability ensures that data remains accessible when required, including cloud data privacy. A well-structured data security strategy acts as an impenetrable barrier, upholding these fundamental principles and thwarting malicious attempts to compromise them.

Imagine a scenario where a breach in customer financial data leads to identity theft and substantial financial losses. This breach not only erodes trust but triggers legal consequences, regulatory fines, and enduring damage to an organization's reputation. In such a scenario, a meticulously executed data security strategy stands as a bulwark, mitigating these risks and ensuring that worst-case scenarios remain confined to the realm of hypotheticals.

Navigating the intricacies of an evolving threatscape

The deployment of a data security strategy empowers organizations to preemptively identify vulnerabilities, evaluate risks, and implement countermeasures in line with their distinctive risk profiles. This strategy empowers businesses to remain ahead of cybercriminals by continuously enhancing and reinforcing their defenses against emergent threats. Additionally, a well-coordinated data protection strategy expedites the detection and response to security incidents, minimizing potential damage and expediting the return to normal operations.

Cultivating trust and strengthening resilience

Stakeholders, including customers, partners, and collaborators, entrust organizations to secure their personal and sensitive data. A robust data security strategy signals an unwavering dedication to this trust, offering stakeholders the reassurance that their data is treated with meticulous care and vigilance.

Beyond fostering trust, an effectively implemented data security strategy amplifies an organization's resilience. It equips the entity with the tools, knowledge, and protocols essential for navigating the most turbulent of cyber storms and emerging stronger on the other side. The proactive data security stance differentiates an organization in the eyes of customers, potentially becoming a competitive advantage that solidifies trust and loyalty.

What are use cases and examples of data security strategy?

In an interconnected world fueled by technology and data, the primary purpose of a data security strategy transcends mere technicalities; it embodies a robust framework designed to serve as an impregnable fortress for your organization's digital assets. A data security strategy is a proactive stance against the relentless tide of cyber threats, a shield that stands resolute in the face of unauthorized data access, breaches, and malicious cyberattacks. But its significance stretches far beyond the realm of protection—it is an embodiment of your commitment to trust, an assurance to customers, partners, and stakeholders that their sensitive information is not just secure but cherished.

Going beyond the threshold of compliance

While adhering to data protection policies and regulations is pivotal, a data security strategy extends beyond the confines of regulatory checkboxes. It embodies a philosophy of responsibility, encapsulating the ethos that an organization is not content with mere compliance. Instead, it is resolute in surpassing mandates, dedicating itself to ensuring maximal protection for the invaluable data assets under its guardianship. While this sounds overwhelming, it is possible to achieve data security and regulatory compliance without breaking the bank.

Case study #1

Consider the context of a healthcare institution safeguarding patient medical records. For Flexential customer Atrium Health, the robust security features of their data centers, including dual-factor authentication access, biometric scanners, multi-zone security access, and monitored security cameras and intercom systems, safeguard systems and sensitive data. The data center’s audit-ready environments also help Atrium adhere to key regulations and industry standards, including HIPAA and PCI DSS. 

But their robust data security strategy doesn't limit itself to regulatory compliance—it aspires to create an environment where patient data privacy and confidentiality are held as sacred principles. In this manner, the strategy transforms into a testament to the institution's ethical commitment, showcasing an unwavering dedication to preserving the dignity and well-being of those it serves.

“We were able to lean on the Flexential team to manage our data securely—much of it potentially lifesaving to patients, both in and out of a pandemic—while we had all hands on deck.” 

–Jeff Buda, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Atrium Health Floyd

Atrium Health Floyd customer story


Cultivating trust and inspiring confidence

In the digital panorama, trust stands as a currency of immeasurable value—a precious commodity that, once eroded, is challenging to restore. Customers place their faith in organizations, entrusting them with their personal details, financial data, and private communications. A data security strategy is an unequivocal affirmation reciprocating this trust with the utmost diligence and care.

Case study #2

For Mountain America Credit Union, a nationally recognized financial services leader, reliable IT infrastructure is a critical component in delivering on the promise to serve as a trusted financial guide to members. An expertly executed data security strategy seamlessly integrates into this narrative, nurturing an atmosphere of confidence and assurance that resonates through each interaction. It serves as a reassurance to customers that their data is resilient against malicious actors attempting to exploit vulnerabilities.

“The true value of our partnership with Flexential is that we are able to reinvest the real time saved not focused on maintaining our own data center into our employees and members.” 

–Lee Christiansen, Assistant Vice President of Network Infrastructure & Operations, Mountain America Credit Union

Mountain America Credit Union Customer Story


Safeguarding reputation

In the contemporary business landscape, reputation is a delicate yet invaluable asset. A data loss or breach can trigger not only financial losses but also enduring harm to an organization's brand. A comprehensive data security strategy emerges as a vigilant sentinel, standing guard against potential threats that could mar an organization's reputation and corrode the trust painstakingly cultivated over time.

Case study #3

The Credit Union of Colorado strengthens its online presence and mobile banking solutions by partnering with Flexential. A secure, compliant facility and additional DDoS protections ensure the credit union meets its rigorous regulatory requirements and protects member information. An effectively implemented data security strategy goes beyond serving as a protective measure; it stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to preserving its standing as a dependable steward of financial well-being. With Flexential managing and maintaining the environment, Credit Union of Colorado’s internal IT team can now focus on more member-centered initiatives to continually deliver more innovative digital services to enrich the banking experience. 

“We offer all the services of a typical bank, with a member-first focus and personalized service. Our IT Infrastructure plays an important role in ensuring that our members can access their digital services 24/7, online, so we are always here to help.” 

–Kyle Winders, IT Leader of Service Delivery, Infrastructure Services & End User Services, Credit Union of Colorado 

Credit Union of Co Customer Story


Empowering innovation and growth

Paradoxically, a robust data security strategy does not curtail growth and innovation; rather, it catalyzes them. When stakeholders possess the assurance that their data is secure, they are more inclined to engage in collaborative endeavors, sharing insights and knowledge without reservation. This open exchange of information serves as a catalyst for innovation and inventive solutions that propel the organization forward—in fact, it's more than possible to balance data resiliency with data recovery!

Case study #4

To support clients investigating therapies in oncology, infectious disease, and neurology, PharPoint Research needs a hybrid IT infrastructure with unwavering security and availability that meets the FDA’s rigorous compliance standards. Utilizing both Flexential DRaaS and multi-tenant cloud for its primary environment, PharPoint achieved a high availability and cost-effective environment that can scale with its growth and meet its client’s security and compliance needs. 

With new cloud deployments, “We’re reducing the headache and saving money in the long run. Our internal IT team can better spend their time on advancing strategic, technological needs that support our business and our clients.” 

–Ted Beverly, Director of Information Technology, PharPoint Research 

PharPoint Customer Story


Do you need a data security strategy?

In a word, yes. Regardless of your industry or the size of your organization, if you handle any form of digital data, a data security strategy is essential. The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks mean that even small businesses are not immune to potential breaches.

From healthcare to finance, from manufacturing to e-commerce, data fuels critical decision-making, drives innovation, and supports the seamless experiences that modern customers expect. Therefore, the need for a data security strategy transcends the boundaries of industries, asserting its relevance across the spectrum.

Regardless of whether you're steering a multinational corporation or steering a local startup, if you engage with digital data in any capacity, the establishment of a comprehensive data security strategy is not a luxury—it's a necessity dictated by the modern business landscape.

Effective data security strategy from Flexential

As a leader in data security and infrastructure solutions, Flexential offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to fortify your data security strategy and provide you with peace of mind. With years of experience and a deep understanding of evolving cyber threats, Flexential empowers businesses to take a proactive stance against data breaches and cyberattacks.

Through a holistic approach that combines state-of-the-art technologies, expert guidance, and a commitment to excellence, Flexential stands as a reliable partner in your journey to enhanced data security.

Interested in learning more? Be sure to download our guide, Data Protection 101: What You Need to Know About Data Security and Integrity, to dive into the language of data protection.

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