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Interconnection capabilities in business

Learn how your business can benefit from the capabilities of interconnection.

12 / 21 / 2023
10 minute read
Business Interconnection

Interconnection capabilities in business are now fundamental for achieving success, representing the strategic practice of connecting disparate computing networks, systems, and applications. This integration is essential for the efficient sharing of data and resources, playing a pivotal role in boosting efficiency, fostering innovation, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

As businesses face increasing data storage demands, the need for flexible, secure, and scalable solutions becomes more critical. Interconnectivity offers a suite of services, including colocation, application management, networking support, and managed hosting, providing growing businesses with seamless storage and integration capabilities while protecting essential infrastructure. It supports the critical any-to-any connectivity needed in today's business environment, allowing for effective data exchange among partners, customers, and employees across various locations. With an emphasis on proximity, direct connectivity, and globally distributed exchange points, interconnectivity enhances service quality and security, delivering top-tier performance and outstanding user experience.

In this blog, we dig into the importance of interconnection, its various forms, and its impact on business communications. Let’s get started.

Importance of interconnection for modern businesses

Interconnection enables businesses to directly connect to service providers or partners, eliminating the need for a middleman. This direct approach not only streamlines communication but also enhances operational efficiency. Understanding this fundamental importance, Flexential offers innovative solutions that are essential in leveraging the full potential of interconnection for modern businesses, ensuring they remain competitive and agile in the digital landscape.

Here, we’ll examine a few reasons why interconnection is important for modern businesses and how Flexential provides innovative solutions.

Enhanced efficiency and performance

By enabling direct communication between various systems and applications, interconnection simplifies operations. This open line of communication greatly lowers latency, boosts speed, and enhances overall business effectiveness. Flexential interconnection solutions are designed to optimize these aspects, ensuring your business operates at peak performance.

Scalability and flexibility

As businesses grow, so do their data and connectivity needs. Scalability is made easier by interconnection, allowing companies to expand without having to make significant infrastructure adjustments. Flexential provides scalable interconnection solutions that adapt to your business’s evolving requirements, offering the flexibility to integrate with new technologies and platforms.

Improved security

Secure interconnection is essential in a time when data breaches are a constant concern, and businesses may reduce their susceptibility to cyber threats by enabling direct, secure network connections. Our interconnection services put security first, making sure that the most current security standards are in place to safeguard your communications and data privacy in the cloud and beyond.


Interconnection can also be a cost-effective strategy. By optimizing network performance and reducing the need for complex infrastructures, businesses can lower operational costs. Additionally, it enables more efficient use of resources and bandwidth, further diminishing expenses related to data transfer and management. This strategic approach to interconnection bandwidth not only streamlines processes but also translates into significant long-term savings, especially for businesses scaling up their digital operations.

Customer satisfaction

Ultimately, enhanced consumer experiences result directly from the efficiency, dependability, and security that connectivity capabilities bring. Customer satisfaction, which is a major factor in corporate success, is ensured by faster and more dependable services. Flexential interconnection services will enhance your ability to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Global reach and collaboration

Interconnection breaks down geographical barriers, enabling businesses to connect globally with partners, suppliers, and customers. This global reach fosters collaboration and opens new markets. With Flexential, your business can tap into a global network, connecting you with opportunities worldwide.

What are the different interconnection types when it comes to businesses?

Understanding the various forms of interconnectivity is vital for any organization looking to thrive in the digital era. From direct network connections to advanced cloud integrations and multiple data centers, each type of interconnection uniquely enhances operational efficiency, data accessibility, and overall business agility.

Physical interconnection

Physical interconnection in business refers to the direct, tangible linking of a company's network infrastructure with that of other organizations, data centers, or service providers. This type of connection is crucial for businesses requiring high-speed, reliable data transfer with minimal latency. By establishing physical links, businesses can ensure a more secure and controlled data traffic exchange points and environment, which is especially important for operations handling sensitive or proprietary information. The direct nature of physical interconnections also circumvents potential issues of public internet connections, such as variable speeds and security vulnerabilities, providing a stable and consistent network performance.

Want to learn more? Dive deeper into mesh interconnection networks or mesh interconnect architecture here.

Cloud-based interconnection

Cloud-based interconnection for businesses represents a transformative approach to networking, enabling organizations to leverage the power and flexibility of the cloud to connect their disparate systems, applications, and data. This form of interconnection allows for seamless integration with various cloud services and platforms, which is vital in today's digital landscape, where agility and scalability are paramount. By utilizing cloud-based interconnections, businesses can enjoy enhanced operational efficiency and quickly adapt to changing market demands and scale resources as needed.

Virtual interconnection

Virtual interconnection for businesses is a cutting-edge approach that leverages software-defined networking to connect disparate systems, networks, and data sources across geographic and organizational boundaries. This innovative method allows for dynamic, flexible, and scalable networking solutions, enabling businesses to swiftly adjust to changing needs without the physical limitations of traditional networking. Virtual interconnection supports a wide range of applications, from cloud services integration to remote workforce connectivity, providing an essential tool for businesses operating in an increasingly digital economy and globalized marketplace. Its key advantages include reduced infrastructure costs, enhanced security through controlled access, and the ability to create customized network environments that align precisely with a business's operational requirements.

Hybrid interconnection

Hybrid Interconnection blends traditional physical interconnections with modern, cloud-based virtual services. It allows for easy adjustment of connectivity needs to match fluctuating demands and growth phases without major infrastructural changes. Additionally, it offers cost efficiency by combining direct, high-speed connections for essential needs with flexible, scalable cloud connections, optimizing resource use. Performance is also elevated, merging low-latency direct connections with the wide reach of cloud services, ideal for real-time data processing and collaboration across dispersed teams. 

Edge interconnection

Edge interconnection refers to the practice of establishing distributed networking architecture where interconnection points are placed closer to the sources of data – at the "edge" of the network. This strategic positioning greatly reduces latency, enhances data processing speeds, and improves overall network efficiency. It's particularly beneficial for businesses relying on real-time data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and cloud computing.

The role of interconnection in business communications

Interconnection plays a pivotal role in shaping how businesses communicate internally and externally. With the rapid evolution of technology and the increasing reliance on digital business platforms, interconnection capabilities have become more than just a technical necessity; they are a strategic asset. The effectiveness of business communication, a critical component for success in any industry, is significantly enhanced by robust interconnection infrastructures.

Internal communication

For internal communication, interconnection capabilities facilitate a seamless and efficient exchange of information within an organization. This is crucial in building a cohesive work environment, especially in companies with multiple departments or geographically dispersed offices. By leveraging Flexential advanced interconnection solutions, businesses can ensure that their teams are always in sync, fostering collaboration and enabling quick decision-making. Whether it's sharing large data files, collaborating on projects in real-time, or maintaining consistent communication channels, a robust interconnection framework is key to enhancing productivity and maintaining a unified organizational culture in the digital age.

External communication

When it comes to external communication, interconnection capabilities play a vital role in how a business interacts with its clients, partners, and other stakeholders. In the current global business environment, having the ability to communicate effectively and reliably is indispensable. Flexential interconnection services ensure that businesses can maintain high-speed, secure, and reliable communication channels with external parties, helping to build trust and reliability but also enabling businesses to expand their reach, engage with clients in different geographical locations, and respond swiftly to market changes.

Understanding the relationship between cloud computing and interconnection

Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses store, access, and manage data, offering scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and many-to-many connectivity. However, the true power of cloud computing is unlocked when it is seamlessly integrated with interconnection capabilities. This integration, facilitated by services like those offered by Flexential, enables businesses to establish direct, secure, and high-speed connections to cloud service providers.

Interconnection bridges a company’s private infrastructure to public cloud environments, aallowing for a more controlled and efficient data flow. This direct connection reduces latency, enhances performance, and ensures greater security compared to traditional internet-based connections. This means improved application performance, data security, and overall user experience for businesses. Moreover, with interconnection playing a pivotal role, companies can enjoy a hybrid cloud environment, combining the best of private and public clouds to optimize their IT resources and meet specific business needs.

Interconnection Benefits Blog

Flexential: Your #1 choice for your business’ interconnection capabilities

Flexential stands out as the premier choice for businesses seeking advanced interconnection capabilities; here are the key reasons why Flexential should be your #1 choice:

Industry-leading network backbone: Flexential boasts a 100Gbps network backbone, providing access to numerous carriers, subsea cables, and low-latency connections to major cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. This ensures businesses can maintain fast, reliable direct and private connections to vital services and platforms.

High-performance interconnection services: With connectivity-rich facilities offering IP transit services with up to 40 Gbps options and a foundation of redundant carriers, Flexential assures a 100% uptime SLA. The option for IP address advertising enhances network presence and flexibility.

Tailored network connectivity solutions: Our solutions are designed to meet diverse business needs, emphasizing reliability, redundancy, and efficiency for connections to data centers, the internet, and cloud service providers, ensuring superior network performance and interconnection.

Extensive infrastructure: Flexential infrastructure leverages physical cabling and management to provide critical access and installed data center capacity to carriers, clouds, and IT service providers. The ability to connect between any two points on our data center network showcases the industry's highest level of connectivity provided by a single data center provider.

Secure, low-latency connections: The focus on secure, low-latency connections to leading cloud service providers is another significant advantage. Flexential uses software-defined interconnections to automate the connection process, facilitating direct connections to public and private clouds and other regional network hubs. This approach brings connectivity closer to users, ensuring low latency and stronger application performance.

Strategic colocation footprint: Our strategically positioned colocation footprint, with 41 data centers across 19 high-growth markets and 300+ on-net carriers, delivers secure, redundant, and efficient high-density power. This infrastructure is crucial for businesses looking to maintain high performance without the cost or responsibility of in-house data centers.

Cost-effective and simple deployments: Flexential offers a wide range of carriers and cloud services, aiding businesses in reducing costs and simplifying deployment processes. Their multiple connectivity types, backed by strong service level agreements, guarantee reliability and customer satisfaction.

User-friendly self-service portal: The Flexential customer portal is a standout feature, enabling businesses to easily view bandwidth information, analyze usage details, and order additional services. This level of control and transparency is invaluable for businesses seeking to manage their network resources effectively.

24x7 network operating center and fully managed service: Our 24x7 network operating center and fully managed service reduce the time and energy businesses spend managing multiple carrier relationships, and the 100% service level agreement and high availability ensure continuity and avoid internet congestion and latency.

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) service: DCI connects Flexential data centers or carrier hotels in the US, running over a 100 Gbps network. This service offers highly available, redundant connectivity options.

Comprehensive, reliable, and high-performance interconnection services make Flexential an unparalleled choice for businesses looking to enhance their network capabilities. With its robust infrastructure, tailored solutions, and focus on customer needs, Flexential stands as a leader in the field of interconnection services.

We invite you to take the next step in transforming your business's interconnectivity. Schedule a consultation or learn more about our comprehensive interconnection services and solutions, and let Flexential be your guide in navigating the complex world of interconnection, ensuring your business stays connected, secure, and ahead of the curve.

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