How to Maintain Control Over Your Cloud Deployment

April 5, 2021

By 2022, creating a flexible, adaptive infrastructure will be among the top I&O goals for more than 70% of enterprises, which is a major increase from fewer than 20% in 2019, according to Gartner. By 2023, more than 30% of global enterprises will improve application deployment efficiencies by implementing a platform operations group, up from less than 10% in 2020. The acceleration of service industrialization, intelligent automation and the fast decrease of managed infrastructure costs are driving many transformational requirements.

Enterprises are increasingly looking to migrate workloads to cloud solutions from on-premises environments. They are looking to offload compute, network, storage, licensing and facilities requirements while maintaining the control and management of the application stack and orchestration of resources in-house. They typically leverage advanced tools in their environment that require direct access to the hypervisor so they can utilize their internal IT staff to manage and configure infrastructure resources to provide optimal levels of performance, efficiency and utilization of their IT environment. 

For organizations that wish to maintain control over their cloud deployment, providing advanced access to vCenter is imperative. This capability enables interoperability and compatibility with industry-leading third-party tools for an optimal application development environment.

Flexential’s new single-tenant cloud offering – Hosted Private Cloud – Advanced Access is the industry’s only cloud offering that allows you to have full administrative control over the provider-owned vCenter. This capability allows customers to utilize tools that require access to cloud administration domain functionality and enables a greater degree of personalization. While you will be provided with significantly more access to the cloud infrastructure, Flexential will perform the initial configuration, ensuring the solution is compliant up to the hypervisor level, and provide ongoing management of the shared hypervisor. 

This functionality is achieved by providing customers with direct access to VMWare’s vCenter to manage workloads in a way that is already used by the client, leveraging their existing IT applications and tools while maintaining control over the hardware and storage platforms.

With the proliferation of third-party DevOps tools and the essential functionality they bring to application development, HPC – Advanced Access provides customers with the advanced permissions for vCenter to enable full control over their third-party integrated environment. This solution is ideal for customers with strong third-party tool capabilities who do not wish to take on the burden of managing their own hypervisor but have sufficient resources to manage their own software solutions like Citrix or Horizon for VDI capabilities. 

Flexential’s HPC – Advanced Access also powers data protection use-cases by enabling the implementation of a custom backup / snapshot strategy using tools that the client has already invested in like Veeam, Rubrik or Zerto. It’s also ideal for providing integration with DevOps tools that are critical for Continuous Integration and Development (CI/ CD) solutions like Rightscale, Terraform and Ansible.

Nitin Krishna, Flexential

Nitin Krishna

Sr. Director, Cloud Product Management

As Sr. Director of Cloud Product Management, Nitin oversees the entire cloud lifecycle process from concept, to design, to implementation. In addition, he manages the improvements to the cloud platform, prioritizing new features and functionality, building those into the product.

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