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Flexential insights for managing the Broadcom-VMware changes

Discover how Flexential is helping businesses navigate the changes brought by Broadcom's acquisition of VMware.

06 / 6 / 2024
2 minute read
Insights for managing the Broadcom-VMware

Recently, Flexential hosted an insightful discussion titled Navigating the new Broadcom-VMware horizon, featuring James Ochoa, VP of Cloud Sales, and Ryan Mallory, COO of Flexential. The session delved into the significant impacts of Broadcom's acquisition of VMware and how these changes affect Flexential, its customers, and the broader market.

Key highlights

To kick off the discussion, Ryan provided an overview of his role at Flexential, emphasizing the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, impactful product sets beyond just space, power, and interconnection. He highlighted the Flexential unique portfolio, including cloud and data protection services designed to future-proof customer deployments.

Impact of Broadcom's VMware acquisition

The discussion transitioned to the core topic: the changes brought by Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware. Ryan explained the shift from a RAM-based licensing model to a core-based allocation model. This new model necessitates precise provisioning, impacting both Flexential and its customers. He emphasized Flexential as a Pinnacle Partner, offering unique support and design capabilities to help customers navigate these changes.

Customer engagement and support

Ryan stressed the importance of customer engagement, urging customers to reach out to Flexential for support. He highlighted the Fast Track Cloud Workshop, a service designed to help customers evaluate their infrastructure, ensure efficient core provisioning and avoid unnecessary license allocations. This service aims to provide detailed insights into current usage and potential efficiencies.

FlexAnywhere Platform and future vision

The conversation shifted to the long-term vision of Flexential, particularly the FlexAnywhere Platform and Flexential Fabric. Ryan discussed how these offerings align with VMware’s push for a hybrid multi-cloud environment. He emphasized the importance of flexibility and interconnectivity, allowing workloads to run anywhere, whether in Flexential data centers, customer premises, or public clouds.

Commitment to customers

Ryan reiterated the Flexential commitment to its customers, encouraging them to engage with Flexential to understand and manage their cost structures. He highlighted the company’s status as a pinnacle partner with VMware, providing enhanced technical support and strategic insights to develop comprehensive IT solutions.


The team at Flexential is eager to partner with existing and prospective customers to navigate the evolving IT landscape. Watch the full conversation or schedule a Fast Track Cloud Workshop today.

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