Critical need for speed and reliability leads to search for proven IT provider

Wellcentive is an industry leader in data aggregation, and big data analytics power its advance business intelligence application. The speed and reliability of its IT infrastructure are critical. As a healthcare industry player handling vast amounts of patient data, Wellcentive also requires HIPAA/HITECH compliance, security and business continuity/disaster recovery.

The company relies heavily on outsourcing in order to maintain a lean corporate infrastructure and an unobstructed view of its core opportunities and challenges. When its technology and service requirements exceeded the capabilities of its previous IT services provider, Wellcentive sought alternative solution providers that could help the company stay ahead of its needs.

Cloud and collaboration guide a growing IT business solution

In 2011, Wellcentive started working with Flexential on a small scale with three cloud application servers and a colocated database. Wellcentive has grown rapidly since then, and so has its partnership with Flexential.

Communication and close collaboration between the two companies have guided the evolution of Wellcentive’s IT business solution. That solution includes more than 80 application servers and colocated databases in Atlanta, along with the Flexential Recovery Cloud for disaster recovery, managed security services and on-site data protection. In addition, Flexential serves as an extension of the Wellcentive IT staff.

Wellcentive reaps actionable analytics, support for HIPAA compliance and enhanced security

The mix of virtualized and physically colocated servers and network services provided by Flexential helps deliver predictive, actionable analytics to Wellcentive’s diverse client base. The Flexential cloud, network and data center infrastructure seamlessly integrate technologies, resulting in high reliability, performance and operational efficiency.

The Flexential commitment to operating HIPAA-compliant clouds in secure data center infrastructures continues to distinguish it from other would-be service providers. Its cloud infrastructure is architected to help achieve and maintain compliance specifically in regard to the HIPAA Security Rule.

Wellcentive also utilizes Flexential managed solutions to help meet its regulatory requirements and enforce company security policies. These services help protect against viruses, spam and other issues that can compromise the security and integrity of IT assets.

In addition, Wellcentive’s site for the Flexential Recovery Cloud is safely located and operated in a data center hundreds of miles away from its headquarters, providing peace of mind and assurance of rapid recovery times and minimizing data loss.

“Flexential’s adoption tools made its Recovery Cloud implementation fast and easy, more like flipping a switch for replicating data to the back-up site. It’s easier than anything I’ve seen,” said Kirk Elder, the chief technology officer for Wellcentive.

“Flexential is my infrastructure team. Just as we collaborate with our customers to help us achieve their goals, Flexential does the same with us,” said Elder.

The Flexential and Wellcentive teams meet three times weekly or as needed, in addition to quarterly business review meetings. This enables Flexential to proactively advise Wellcentive on scaling its infrastructure to stay ahead of its business growth, while allowing the company to focus on making growth happen.

“Over the past three years, we’ve needed to make adjustments and reset our sights. Flexential was right there supporting us, working through complex issues and getting creative with technical and financial solutions. That’s a close partnership,” Elder said.