STORIS is a leading provider of fully integrated retail software solutions for furniture, bedding, appliance and electronics retailers. Its software suite supports client success by enhancing operational efficiency, and increasing growth at the company created the need for more robust hosting infrastructure.

Retail software solutions provider seeks greater uptime and reliability for customers

STORIS is a leading provider of retail software solutions for the home furnishings industry. It is committed to providing new features and technology to big-ticket retailers in all aspects of business, from point of sale and inventory control to accounting and business intelligence. Its integrated and scalable software suite allows STORIS clients to succeed by achieving growth and increasing operational efficiency.

“What attracted us to Flexential initially was its top-notch team. It was the right size, knowledgeable, responsive, dependable, professional and truly paid attention to our business and its unique needs. Our clients expect excellence from STORIS and having a reliable company like Flexential supporting us ensures that we’re able to live up to those expectations.”
-Mark Przybyszewski, Senior Manager of IT Services

STORIS collaborates with Flexential on unique hybrid deployment

STORIS needed a partner that could dedicate time and attention to optimizing and maintaining its hosted environment. Its team spoke with the Flexential team frequently over the years and finally found itself in a position to engage Flexential hybrid cloud hosting technology, as well as client-centric service and industry-leading counsel.

Early on in the relationship, Flexential recommended that STORIS install a VPN modifier, but the company’s IT department had another solution in mind. Flexential was able to adjust its approach to fit STORIS’ needs, bringing together its engineering and asset coordination teams to ensure that it could support STORIS’ unique system just as well as it would support more standard solutions deployed by Flexential.

Cloud hosting paves the way for growth at STORIS

Flexential continues to work with STORIS to help it grow and run the business, ensuring it is getting the most out of its hosted environment behind the scenes. Flexential also manages security tools for STORIS, such as VPN and firewalls. As a result of the service quality and flexibility achieved through their partnership, STORIS migrated additional infrastructure and will continue to entrust Flexential with custom deployments.