Uptime is king for a small business hosting provider

In the world of hosting, uptime is everything. This statement rings true for Riptide Hosting, a Windows® hosting solutions provider for small to medium-sized businesses. Understanding that small businesses often lack the resources to effectively implement and manage a highly reliable, redundant IT environment, Riptide offers the expertise and support to host customers’ IT environments effectively. To accomplish this, the company relies on third-party data centers to deliver the required space, power and connectivity to keep its customers online and productive. To optimize this reliability, Riptide only engages with providers have fully redundant infrastructure, secure operations and strong support practices.

Redundancy is the backbone of 100% uptime

To deliver unfaltering uptime for its customers, Riptide turned to Flexential colocation services. Situated in the Denver metro area, the Flexential Denver - Centennial data center is strategically located to avoid weather-related issues and heighten operational stability. This location is a benefit to Riptide’s small business customers, especially those along the Florida coast or in other areas frequently impacted by severe weather. Highly secure and resilient, the Denver - Centennial data center offers enterprise-grade infrastructure, innovative technology and a people-powered approach to service delivery. However, for Riptide, the power of the data center revolves around its reliability.

“The reason we chose Flexential? It’s because of uptime,” said Kinch Reindl, founding partner of Riptide Hosting. “It really comes down to having power and internet connectivity.”

Flexential delivers this stability through its redundant bandwidth and power, both of which are backed by a 100% SLA. Its dual-redundant UPS clusters and multiple generators with refueling contracts maintain power during power outages to keep Riptide’s customers connected. Flexential data centers are also environmentally controlled to protect servers and other equipment. With raised flooring, N+1 cooling and environmental monitoring systems, Flexential maintains a consistent temperature and humidity level throughout the facility to optimize the environment and extend the life of servers.

Flexential also provides a 100 Gbps network backbone – scalable to 400 Gbps – and multiple connectivity options. Its carrier-neutral, blended and proactively managed and monitored IP bandwidth, as well as its intelligent routing, were key features for Riptide. With a variety of carrier networks and diverse connections, Flexential delivers greater network performance and reliability. Access to multiple internet providers allows Flexential to efficiently reroute traffic to avoid connectivity issues that may impact uptime, productivity and the overall customer experience.

“You’re never going to be able to recreate that for the price,” noted Reindl. “Unless you’re in a Flexential data center, your uptime cannot compare.”

To secure its environment, Flexential employs a series of advanced security protocols, including 24/7 video surveillance, four-zone security access, dual-factor authentication access, biometric scanners and locked cabinets. Flexential backs up these capabilities with 24/7 expert support. “Our customers have come to expect a quick response to questions they have,” said Steve Gilbert, partner at Riptide. “And, when questions arise that have to do with the physical infrastructure components provided by Flexential, Flexential staff provide responses and detail in a timely manner.”

For added support, Riptide relies on Flexential Remote Hands services to quickly and seamlessly handle routine IT tasks and minimize site visits. “In a pinch, someone is always there to help,” said Reindl.

Reliable infrastructure promotes customer confidence

Partnering with Flexential has allowed Riptide to provide hosting services with superior uptime. Backed by Flexential managed IP bandwidth and redundant power, Riptide is able to reduce risk for its customers without any hefty upfront investment, ongoing management or specialized expertise. This dependability also eliminates business- impacting interruptions that can generate hundreds of calls from customers – an unacceptable outcome for the hosting provider.

The Flexential Denver - Centennial data center also lends tremendous weight to the capabilities of Riptide’s hosting solutions. “Our customers are more likely to utilize our services knowing that our underlying physical infrastructure is at a Flexential data center,” said Gilbert. “Providing a tour of the data center to a prospective customer usually helps seal the deal.”