Downtime cripples business productivity and patient service

For healthcare practitioners, the days of large rooms filled with paper records and medical charts are gone. Doctors, nurses and staff input and access patient records electronically and rely on the availability of the network to efficiently service patients. With 99% of its medical practice completely paperless, Pulmonary Associates cannot conduct business when its servers go down. Consequently, uptime is everything.

When Pulmonary Associates began experiencing recurring downtime, Sonya Kohl, practice administrator for Pulmonary Associates, knew it was time to find a new provider that could keep the business up and running. With its medical records accessible only through EMR applications, the ongoing loss of connectivity paired with long resolution times forced Pulmonary Associates to occasionally shut down clinics and reschedule patients – a less-than-appealing scenario for any business, especially one serving the public.

Kohl turned to technology partner David Sechrist to find a new solution that could offer outstanding reliability while safeguarding patient privacy. Familiar with Flexential through another customer, Sechrist engaged the infrastructure provider to propose an appropriate solution. With SLA-backed 99.999% availability, the Flexential HIPAA-compliant cloud fit the bill, but it was Flexential’s hands-on, consultative approach and superior customer service that sealed the deal.

HIPAA-compliant cloud provides enduring accessibility to support operations

Pulmonary Associates enlisted the Flexential public cloud to host its EMR applications, as well as other business-critical applications, including payroll and email. Since then, Pulmonary Associates has experienced a tremendous improvement in its uptime, allowing it to better serve its patients.

Pulmonary Associates also appreciates that the Flexential cloud is HIPAA compliant and undergoes yearly independent audits by third parties to ensure continued compliance. As a medical provider, Pulmonary Associates is subject to various regulatory mandates, and the specialized support of Flexential offers a solid foundation to help Pulmonary Associates achieve its own compliance.

To build upon Flexential’s highly secure environment and pass regulatory audits, Pulmonary Associates employs three third-party applications to ensure HIPAA and PCI compliance. These applications integrate with the Flexential cloud and allow Pulmonary Associates to assess its databases to ensure data safety, monitor how doctors document patient records and track who is accessing the system and how they are using it. These supplemental security checks are critical to ensure that unauthorized users are not accessing the system and approved users are using it appropriately.

To further enhance data security, the medical practice also relies on Flexential for a series of managed services including antivirus protection and off-site data protection.

Game-changing customer service solidifies the relationship

Today, Pulmonary Associates conducts its daily business without the pervasive fear of losing connectivity and shutting down. With minimal downtime and issues, performance and productivity have significantly improved, facilitating a better customer experience.

This peace of mind is business altering, and Kohl, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the clinics and serves as the link to the executive team, is now confident that they’ve eliminated the need to close clinics as they have in the past.

Kohl is also encouraged by how quickly Flexential handles issues, noting that the technician who answers her call is usually the same technician who resolves her inquiries, without the need to go through the ticketing process. This access to a technical expert is invaluable to Kohl, who has not only had a technician walk her through resolution steps, but also offer information she may find useful in the future.

Uptime has resulted in significantly enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction, and Pulmonary Associates’ larger clinics have also recognized a cost benefit since partnering with Flexential, which is another important advantage to its bottom line.

Scalability and expanded services sculpt the future

With downtime no longer an issue, Pulmonary Associates focuses on serving its patients and growing its customer base. As new clinics continue to open in the Las Vegas area and new patients join existing practices, the amount of data Pulmonary Associates needs to store expands exponentially. However, Pulmonary Associates is secure knowing that Flexential’s cloud offers a cost-effective, scalable solution that will continue to support its growth.

A critical component of this scalability is the ability to quickly spin up new VMs when needed, rather than wait for a third-party technician to schedule and complete the task. This flexibility allows Pulmonary Associates to closely manage its timeline for getting clinics onboard.

As Pulmonary Associates looks to the future, they’re keenly aware of the importance of staying updated on new technologies that will enhance the level of care they provide while continuing to protect privacy. With Flexential as its infrastructure partner, Pulmonary Associates is ready for a future of expansion and continued service excellence.