Multiple local facilities increase IT workloads and challenge efficient operations

To locally support its western U.S. operations, this major U.S healthcare provider operated three on-premise data centers, each with a dedicated resource for the day-to-day management of the facility. To streamline operations, the healthcare provider’s director of data center operations developed a strategic plan to consolidate these local facilities into a centralized location that his team would manage.

However, in order to avoid outages and downtime in its large enterprise data centers, the organization began to rethink its consolidation strategy and instead decided to pursue a diversification approach to distribute and minimize fault domains.

Transforming IT Infrastructure to better support operations and staff responsibilities

To support the new diversification strategy, colocation was the obvious solution. The director of data center operations spent almost two years engrossed in colocation, learning about data center capabilities and visiting dozens of sites. While most data centers met his basics requirements, including Tier III certifications and 24/7 support, the Flexential account team was a key differentiator in making the decision. Its customer-focused, knowledgeable team offered the healthcare provider a peace of mind that translates into results.

“I appreciate being able to deal with [my Flexential account executive and client success manager] and have confidence that everything is getting done,” says the director of data center operations for the healthcare provider. “There is implicit trust there, and they have just strengthened that in their responsiveness and reactiveness.”

Operating in the healthcare industry, the organization’s IT system supports bedside applications that are crucial to patient care and the delivery of care continuum, so downtime is not an option. With a commitment to 100 percent uptime, Flexential ensures that patients receive the continuous, reliable care they expect from the healthcare provider.

With 100 percent uptime, 24/7 data center services, strong relationships with premier carriers and physical and procedural security protocols, Flexential is perfectly poised to support the healthcare provider’s critical needs. This commitment to high standards for security, attentiveness and accountability further supported Flexential as the ideal colocation provider, while its HIPAA- compliant environment offered the support to assist the healthcare provider in managing in its own compliance.

Gaining a deep understanding of the organization’s current situation and how it wanted to transform its IT infrastructure, Flexential devised a highly-dense cabinet space to offer cost savings and give the organization the flexibility to grow as needed. Since this was a green field project, the organization knew its immediate cabinet space and power requirements, but was uncertain how utilized it would become.

“Flexibility was a necessity and it could have been a deal breaker,” said the director of data center operations. “I needed the flexibility to build what I know is going to be there, and then grow into what I project will be there.”

Reliable, compliant colocation promotes quality patient care

The Flexential solution provided enhanced support and performance for the organization’s operations in the western U.S., while also creating a diverse perimeter between this location and its enterprise data centers to optimize reliability. Enduring yearly independent audits on its own compliance, the Flexential HIPAA-compliant data center offered an assurance of its own compliance to ease and support the healthcare organizations own regulatory demands.

The ease of working with the Flexential team and their dedication to providing support 24/7 was also not lost on the healthcare provider. By outsourcing its day-to-day data center responsibilities to Flexential, the healthcare provider was able to redirect its internal IT team to more business-driving initiatives, improving efficiency and resourcefulness.

Although Flexential was easy to collaborate with, the director of data center operations appreciated its rigorous requirements and specifications for its data centers. “We have very strict standards for our data centers, and that’s what I looked for in the manager of the colocation provider,” he explains. “The manager of the Flexential data center is strict, he holds us accountable — he holds all of the clients accountable — to the standards of the data center.”

The healthcare provider also appreciated the importance of the Flexential client center portal, which allows them to manage the relationship, track it, run reports and take care of audit concerns. “It is incredibly important, and I underestimated how valuable it was,” he reports.

As the healthcare provider prepares for the future, it is poised to continue to build its relationship with Flexential, and its high-density footprint is ready to scale to accommodate the healthcare provider’s growth for years to come.