Hybrid cloud fosters scalability and resilience in high-traffic scenarios

Working with the software-as-a-service provider, Flexential devised a hybrid cloud strategy to relieve MemberClicks’ small IT staff of its day-to-day IT responsibilities and deliver a scalable environment to manage fluctuating demand.

  • Flexibility to meet fluctuating customer demands
  • Managed hybrid cloud environment to heighten security and efficiency
  • Ongoing communication and support to strengthen partnership

Software-as-a-service provider shifts gears to improve customer service

Since its founding in 1998, MemberClicks, a software-as-a-service provider offering membership management software to small-staff associations, used a variety of cloud hosting tools and methods, starting with an array of self-managed dedicated servers and eventually moving entirely to the cloud. Wanting to focus more on serving its clients and marketplace rather than spending valuable time and internal resources on managing its IT infrastructure, the company made the strategic decision to move to a third-party hosted cloud environment.

To best support its needs, MemberClicks wanted a cloud hosting provider that could offer a highly personalized experience, proactive support and continual communication. It also wanted a partner that could quickly adapt and pivot with them as the business grew and evolved.

Hybrid cloud delivers scalable environment to meet fluctuating customer demand

With its own business focused on customer support and customer-centric initiatives, it’s no surprise that MemberClicks was looking for that same skill set in an IT solutions partner. After researching its various cloud options, MemberClicks decided on the Flexential hybrid cloud which combines the strengths of dedicated servers, private cloud and public cloud. This solution provided much needed agility at minimal cost and at minimal headache for both parties, as any necessary hardware remained continually available and live with Flexential.

Highly scalable, the Flexential environment can also seamlessly scale to accommodate traffic fluctuations and maintain the highly-available environment its customers rely on. This was a critical need for MemberClicks as its customers’ end-of-the-year membership renewal dues and various publicity campaigns cause frequent high-traffic periods.

In addition to the robust capabilities of the Flexential managed public and private clouds, MemberClicks gained 24/7/365 access to the Flexential team of experts, offering the personalized service, proactive support and ongoing communication the company required. This people-powered philosophy was another critical selling point for MemberClicks.

“We didn’t want to be just another number in a giant data center,” explains Richie Ward, vice president of technology at MemberClicks. “The Flexential service model really impressed us, along with their hands-on approach. It made us feel comfortable partnering with a team outside of our organization to help manage our IT infrastructure.”

Peak performance every step of the way

Since signing on with Flexential, MemberClicks gained invaluable support and guidance around IT operations and security. The Flexential hybrid cloud also allowed for fine-grained control and instant adaptability to changing IT situations, and the provider’s focus on ongoing customer communication ensures MemberClicks is kept abreast of issues related to its environment or the Flexential environment as a whole.

The agility built into the customized managed cloud solution allows MemberClicks to quickly spin up additional servers as needed to support peak usage times. Additionally, servers are easily removed depending on its changing infrastructure, hardware and performance requirements, ensuring an always-optimized IT environment.

“Being a multi-tenant environment, it’s crucial for us to have a cloud infrastructure that can quickly pivot, change configurations and spin up servers quickly, as none of our clients should have to suffer performance issues or downtime due to another client’s increased or decreased traffic demands,” explains Ward. “Flexential has provided us with flexibility and has allowed us to grow our business as fast as we can. If we want to expand our market base or add a slew of additional small-staff associations to our infrastructure, Flexential has our back.”