Disaster recovery vulnerabilities provide opportunity for overall IT efficiency

Based in Portland, Oregon, CareOregon is a nonprofit community benefits company that’s been involved in health plan services, reforms and innovations since 1994, serving Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) and Medicare members and their communities. Its mission is cultivating individual well-being and community health through shared learning and innovation and its vision is healthy communities for all individuals, regardless of income or social circumstances. CareOregon focuses on the total health of its members, not just traditional health care. By teaming up with members, their families and their communities, the organization aims to help Oregonians live better lives, prevent illness and respond effectively to health issues.

Taking the time to evaluate the state of its infrastructure security, CareOregon uncovered disaster recovery vulnerabilities and opportunities for overall efficiency gains. Its primary data center had power and cooling challenges and sat below the water table along fault lines. The weighty political climate also had CareOregon increasingly aware of the threat posed by civil disobedience, heightened by its downtown Portland location. It’s existing colocation space was not in a ready state and essentially served just as an expensive off-site backup.

Data center migration leads to optimized hybrid infrastructure

Working closely with Flexential, CareOregon learned it could migrate from its existing colocation space in Colorado to a hybrid solution with its main servers housed in the nearby Portland - Hillsboro 2 data center in Hillsboro, OR. The Portland - Hillsboro 2 data center is not only fault tolerant and physically secure, but also fully redundant with 2,220 tons of cooling capacity, which allows high density deployments of up to 1,700 watts per square foot.

Flexential helped run compression exercises to optimize the space and helped to coordinate everything from the build-out down to a narrow downtime window. The teams spoke daily as the move approached and were on hand the day of the move. After the move was complete, CareOregon held a meeting with company executives in the Portland - Hillsboro 2 facility to demonstrate what had been accomplished.

New partnership leads to increased redundancy and higher density

The Portland - Hillsboro 2 data center deployment is now CareOregon’s main data center site and is secure from seismic activity and other natural disasters or physical security threats. The company has full redundancy and 24/7 on-site support with optimal uptime.

By moving to Portland - Hillsboro 2, CareOregon achieved better power generation and was able to increase its density significantly. Rather than purchasing new equipment and building its own facility, the company can take advantage of best-in-class infrastructure maintained by a highly-skilled team. Its staff also takes pride in knowing that its data center power supply is largely coming from renewable energy.