This webinar recording hosted by Flexential and led by Sam Maule, managing partner for the North American region at 11:FS, discusses digital customer experiences in banking and finance. Learn what customers are really looking for in a digital financial experience and the steps financial institutions can take to start moving toward a successful digital strategy.

Among bank decision makers, 80% believe they have gone digital. But this isn’t anywhere near the truth, as much of what has happened so far is taking old platforms and interfaces and giving them a facelift. Customers are looking for more on-demand, personalized and user-friendly products and solutions. Sam covers why changing the way finance thinks about the digital experience is so important, as the industry is becoming a battlefield between incumbents, challengers and newcomers to finance.

This webinar highlights some of the key factors to consider in order to launch a successful digital finance strategy and provides examples of banks that are doing things right. Hitting a successful digital strategy requires a shift in culture and technology. With 40 fully compliant and interconnected data centers, 14 cloud nodes and network of 80 on-net carriers, Flexential can provide an array of solutions to power a full digital experience that delivers personalized value to financial services customers.

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