Why is Flexential more than just an employment opportunity?

Flexential stands for something not often found in the world of IT transformation: the human touch. The best infrastructure solutions aren't about infrastructure, they're about people. With a mission to accelerate customer success through people and technology, we build trusted relationships and deliver tailored, value-added and reliable solutions to demonstrate the power of people in a technical world. To learn more, visit our About Us page.

We know technology makes the world a better place so we enable our customers to deliver excellence every day without the worry of their IT infrastructure stability and delivery. From our data center jobs to marketing team opportunities, employees at Flexential have a unique opportunity to be part of a growing environment where we can make a difference in our customers’ business and support their mission-critical data. From life-saving ambulance and flight for life services, to protecting personal health information and helping airplanes fly, our work has meaning.

Workforce excellence

At Flexential, we value the unique contribution of every team member and believe that through innovation and flexibility, we can delight our customers with best-in-class solutions. We enjoy unique employee perks, such as our employee “get healthy” subsidy which enables team members to experience life to the fullest – enter a race, learn how to cook or skydive, or buy a membership to that boutique fitness place near you - the options are endless!

With our work hard, family-oriented culture, we recognize the importance of celebrating individual and team success. Through employee driven activities organized by our Culture Committee in every region, “we work hard and play harder.” We love to celebrate together with summer BBQs, go kart racing, movie nights, tailgates, and family picnics.

Flexential workforce excellence

Plug into your future

Our Internship program at Flexential is a great way to launch your career! Yes, we’re a technology company, but there is so much more to what we do. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in IT, finance, business administration, or another field, it’s very possible that you’ll find a place at Flexential to apply your classroom training and grow both personally and professionally. Our culture and environment are what make us a great place to work, learn, and discover your true potential. Set your path to success with us!

Flexential plug into your future

Diversity and inclusion

It’s no surprise that Flexential is a company whose values and guiding principles boast being inclusive, collaborating, actively caring, and being a committed individual. We also believe in diversity and inclusion as a foundation to our company culture. We appreciate our employees’ differences. They’re what give our company character. We believe that the unique perspectives and backgrounds of our employees enrich our work environment and our way of working, enabling us to better connect, communicate, and collaborate with our customers, channel partners and vendors, as well as with each other.

We also understand that IT infrastructure isn’t just about hardware and software. It’s about people using technology successfully to generate very human results in what is an ever-changing global society. By embracing our differences, we’re better able to help make that happen. If you’re with us in appreciating diversity in its many forms, consider joining our team. We’ll respect and support you for who you are —and we look forward to getting to know you better.

Flexential Diversity and Inclusion

We invest in our future by investing in you

We provide employees the opportunity to develop their technical skills and expertise through continuing education and project-based learning. At Flexential, we invest in our future by investing in you. Apply for opportunities at Flexential today!

*Flexential is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). A background check is required of all new hires.

Flexential Invest in your future

Our vision, mission and guiding principles

Flexential Employee Quote

“Being here 12 years (in February 2018), I have enjoyed this job tremendously and love being a part of this family. The core values of this company keep me here. The way that Flexential treats its employees, the way Flexential is transparent and honest with the employees and customers, and the integrity of each and every person in this company.”

Mike Kemry

Facility Operations Engineer

Flexential Employee Quote 2

“It’s easy to talk about how we are deeply invested in the success of our customers. We live it and breathe it every day.”

Chris Johnson

TAC Manager

Our vision: Driving the connected world.

Our mission: Accelerating customer success through people and technology.

Our guiding principles:

At Flexential, our guiding principles are much more than words on a wall or a web site. They define who we are and are the drivers behind our success.

Collaborative: It’s all about teamwork. We know that innovation happens when we collaborate with one another. Two heads are always better than one. Whether we’re working with each other, or working with our customers and partners, the best idea and the best path forward always comes from the team, not the individual.

Honest: We are sincere, trusting and humble in our approach. When faced with uncertainty, we always give people the benefit of the doubt.

Innovative: We’re knowledgeable and we demonstrate it in so many ways - in our product offering, how we architect solutions, and how we solve problems. We don’t just know one way – we creatively solve issues. We are intellectually curious and seek learning opportunities to be the best we can be and to apply that knowledge to be ahead of the curve.

Caring: We care A LOT – about each other, our customers, and the community. We support each other’s development and we’re there for each other when times are hard. This isn’t just “inward” – we feel the same way toward our customers and toward the community. We give back, we pay it forward, and we’re proud of the impact our actions have on those around us.

Bold: We are confident and courageous in our actions and words. We speak up, we take action, and we stay focused on achieving our objectives.

Customer-centric: We put our customers’ success above everything else – that’s what sets us apart. Beginning with the buying experience and then partnering with our customer throughout their journey, we’re not only a trusted partner – we’re a key driver to their success.

Competitive: We want to win as a team. We’re ambitious, we’re creative, and our actions move us forward at a quick pace.

Fun: We like to laugh. And we love to get together and celebrate. We play hard, and we work even harder.

Committed: We do what we say. A deep trust in each other provides the foundation for how we deliver on our promises.