Hybrid IT: Insights on Improving Application Performance and Reliability - FlexTalk

Episode 4 | April, 2022 | 30 minutes

We hear from IT leaders that a vital aspect of their success is keeping business-critical applications not just up and running but achieving peak performance. It’s a constant challenge to meet required uptimes and manage costs—while maintaining the high performance that is expected in today’s digital-first world. Our proven FlexAnywhereTM Solutions platform is solving these kinds of industry concerns every day. Developed through extensive customer-driven implementations and real-world scenarios, we take a consultative hybrid approach that acknowledges the unique nature of your business. Join our expert Solutions Architects, Bhu Virdi and Steve Hasselbach, with our host, Erin Pak for an in-depth review of our most poignant solution yet. Learn how you can boost your application performance and achieve required performance outcomes.

Steve Hasselbach
Manager - Solutions Architects, Flexential
Bhu Virdi
Director of Solutions Architecture, Flexential
Erin Pak
Lead Host, Flexential
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