Flexential FlexAnywhere Software-Defined Network

A global data tsunami is underway, driven largely by AI, IoT and billions of connected devices powered by 5G. The result for the unprepared enterprise could be data latency – unacceptable for industries like healthcare and finance where latency down to the millisecond can make the difference between life and death, or in millions of dollars. For companies with non-mission-critical workloads, on the other hand, latency may not be mission-critical, but it does drive revenue. Latency costs money. Speed drives revenue.

So how can a smart organization evolve its IT infrastructure to effectively manage the increasing traffic and provide a seamless, responsive online experience? The answer is found at the “edge” of your network, where mission critical workloads and applications can process at real-time or near real-time by skipping the roundtrip to the cloud.

Welcome to FlexAnywhere, a flexible, software-defined network solution that allows today’s enterprise to quickly and reliably process data at the edge, where it’s just “one hop” from cloud providers, peering exchanges and hundreds of carriers, no matter where you are. In addition to low latency, the FlexAnywhere fabric helps power your infrastructure with improved security and compliance, operational scalability and reduced operating costs.

Flexential FlexAnywhere Software-Defined Network

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