Flexential Cloud Overview

Discover the value of the Flexential Cloud worry-free platform with pre-integrated security and compliance.

Navigating today’s Cloud ecosystem can be extremely complex. IT leaders understand that it is important to design their Cloud infrastructure environment to meet both their business needs today, as well as give them the ability to grow and evolve to meet their new business and application demands of tomorrow.

In this interview with Michael Fuhrman, Chief Operating Officer of Cloud and Managed Services, you'll discover the Flexential Cloud solutions allow customers to deploy a more resilient IT infrastructure that aligns with their business and IT requirements and provides the following benefits:

  • Pre-integrated security and compliance to the hypervisor level
  • Granular control over cloud resources provisioning and consumption to meet specific workload and application needs
  • Deeply rooted experience with managing cloud solutions eases transitions and ongoing management of legacy and cloud environments
  • Flexible managed service options meet application and business requirements
Michael Fuhrman, Chief Operating Officer of Cloud and Managed Services

Michael Fuhrman

Chief Operating Officer of Cloud and Managed Services

Mike leads Flexential’s cloud and managed services business focusing on end-to-end technology solutions for our customers’ most critical workloads.

Flexential Cloud Overview

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