Flexential and the Outback Bowl: Delivering Scalability and Always-On Connectivity

Flexential ensures the Outback Bowl maintains consistent and reliable connectivity through peak website traffic periods to deliver a positive fan experience. Flexential provides the Outback Bowl with high-availability cloud and disaster recovery solutions.

The Outback Bowl holds a college football game featuring teams from the SEC and Big 10 conferences, which has been held for the past 30 years in Tampa, Florida on New Year’s Day. As trendsetters for the ultimate New Year’s football experience, the Outback Bowl prides itself on being one of the first Bowls that provided a website to keep fans in-the-know. Today, the Outback Bowl relies on their website to be a primary platform for those interested in the events surrounding the football game, as well as other experiences the city offers.

“When people come in to a bowl game from all over the country, it’s not just for a football game. They’re coming here for an experience,” said Mike Schulze, Outback Bowl’s director of communications.

Schulze explains that ninety percent of the traffic happens within a three-month period, with peak times surrounding team announcements and game day. Those peak periods are the Outback Bowl’s most critical times, so scalability and reliable connectivity is essential.

Steve Hasselbach, solutions architect with the Flexential team, explained that people will refresh their browser multiple times waiting for team announcements and other pertinent information. High availability, along with Flexential’s Recovery Cloud services, is necessary to keep up with the traffic and the unpredictable ways users may engage with the Outback Bowl website during these high-traffic times.

“Knowing that Flexential has our back and is there for us to make sure that our critical infrastructure is in place during the times that we need it is critical for us,” Schulze said.

Flexential and the Outback Bowl: Delivering Scalability and Always-On Connectivity

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