Elevate Technology Group Seamlessly Connects 100+ Remote Offices with Low Latency and High Availability

Flexential’s reliable connectivity services strengthen Elevate’s service to customers and end users

Headquartered in Oregon, Elevate Technology Group provides managed IT solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. Offering everything from 24/7 help desk services to on-premise, cloud and connectivity infrastructure management, the company focuses on ensuring reliable, high-performing environments for its customers.

With 157 sites across the U.S., Elevate relied on Type Two providers to create the connections between these remote locations. However, when a connectivity issue arose, Elevate was required to troubleshoot it to determine with which provider the issue originated.

Flexential’s geographically diverse data centers – all linked by its 100 Gbps network backbone – eliminated the need for Type Two providers. Utilizing data centers close to its remote sites and customers, Elevate leveraged Flexential interconnects to link its customers and remote offices with its main equipment in the Northwest. This connectivity allowed Elevate to minimize latency and improve the end user experience in those remote sites.

Flexential will also offer direct access to Hawaii via the Hawaiki transpacific subsea cable, which terminates in the Flexential Portland/Hillsboro 2 data center. This direct connectivity is expected to cut Elevate’s current latency of 110-120 milliseconds in half to improve the end user experience and allow customers to more seamlessly run their mission critical systems and applications.

This rapid delivery and performance is enhanced by Flexential’s dedication to customer service. “The staff we’ve worked with at Flexential have gone above and beyond anything we’ve asked for,” said Geoff Turner, CEO at Elevate Technology Group. “They’ve helped us from strategizing, whiteboarding, all the way through the entire process of getting everything migrated over and moved over. They haven’t dropped the ball afterward either. They stay in touch, they stay in communication, they continue partnering together.”

Elevate Technology Group Seamlessly Connects 100+ Remote Offices with Low Latency and High Availability

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