Combat Latency with FlexAnywhere Software-Defined Network Fabric

The amount of data traversing the internet is growing exponentially. The culprit is an explosive number of devices and new technologies including the Internet of Things, Big Data, network-based applications and cloud computing.

Your business cannot tolerate the clogged bandwidth and resulting latency this creates. IT infrastructures need to evolve to effectively manage this increasing traffic and provide a seamless, responsive online experience.

FlexAnywhere does this, and more. A flexible, software-defined network solution, FlexAnywhere allows you to deploy infrastructure across core and edge data centers to quickly and reliably process data and support business-critical applications.

Employing multiple connectivity-rich edge data centers in growing markets across North America, FlexAnywhere places content closer to end users to eliminate the delays caused by increased traffic, distance and multiple hops.

FlexAnywhere utilizes the Flexential fully redundant, private 100 Gbps network backbone – scalable to 400 Gbps – to deliver low-latency capabilities. We partner with hundreds of networks, data centers, and managed services and cloud providers, including AWS and Azure, to ensure data and processing resources are available anytime, anywhere. Virtual cross connects provide access to carrier hotels and peering exchanges, while multiple cloud nodes enable private, hybrid and compliant cloud and security services.

FlexAnywhere also supports disaster recovery, managed IP services and object storage to round out a comprehensive suite of services that deliver a high-speed, dynamic experience.

Our experienced team of network engineers are ready to collaborate with you to develop and deploy a hybrid edge strategy that meets your specific needs and challenges.

Combat Latency with FlexAnywhere Software-Defined Network Fabric

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