Flexential Launches Peering Exchange with IX-Denver

October 30, 2018

Time is money, and in today’s digital world, high-speed, reliable connections are critical to capitalizing on every second.

Slow throughput can impact both ends of your business – internal productivity and customer experience. According to Google and SOASTA Research, 32% of people abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. That percentage increases to 90% when load time is five seconds or longer. A couple of seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time until you’re staring at a computer screen, waiting for something to happen.

Flexential understands how critical your network connections are to your success. We are constantly expanding and improving our enterprise network services, providing our customers with secure, low-latency connectivity options. One such option is peering. In a recent blog post, “The Power of Peering,” I explained the importance of internet peering and how it works. I am excited to announce that Flexential recently initiated a peering partnership with IX-Denver, an interconnection service that provides a neutral, nonprofit, community-oriented interconnection to and from the Rocky Mountain region, as we continue providing diverse peering options for our customers.

Reliable, rapid delivery through local connections

As the largest carrier and facility-neutral interconnection platform in Colorado, IX-Denver combines strong ties to the Denver community with innovative interconnection services to process data locally, improving delivery speed and reliability. Provided by IX-West, a Colorado-based nonprofit, IX-Denver offers an internet exchange point that provides Flexential customers with open peering fabric services and quality cross connects to and from any of our 40 data center facilities and select carrier hotels to locations throughout the U.S. and into Canada.

With two main switches at the Flexential Aurora data center in Denver, IX-Denver’s member-driven exchange directly connects businesses with one another to create lateral or bilateral peering agreements across the peering fabric. This direct connection simplifies network management and eliminates risky internet connections through remote third-party internet service providers that can increase costs, delivery time and security concerns.

By creating another internet exchange point in Denver, the Flexential and IX-Denver partnership provides a regional connection that fosters faster throughput, greater reliability and improved productivity to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Robust connectivity over the FlexAnywhere fabric

This peering solution is one of the latest interconnection capabilities of FlexAnywhere, Flexential’s software-defined network fabric. With a 100 Gbps network backbone and service exchanges that enable virtual access to a myriad of connectivity services, FlexAnywhere delivers high capacity, low latency and secure connectivity from the data center and cloud to the edge – all within one hop.

The benefits of peering

Partnering with IX-Denver has created a dynamic peering exchange that enhances our portfolio of secure network services and provides customers with additional local connectivity options to drive their business connections. This member-driven community exchange provides Flexential customers with a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Lower latency and improved network performance. By offering a local connection point for networks to meet and exchange traffic, the IX-Denver peering exchange streamlines the process of connecting networks, minimizing network hops and accelerating delivery. A direct path between peered networks avoids the bottlenecking frequently experienced over internet connections.
  • Reduced risk. Peering significantly reduces the risks associated with internet transmission by offering direct connections between two locations. The redundancy built into Flexential data centers and networks is highly reliable, providing diverse delivery paths to further enhance resiliency and optimize connectivity and delivery speed. The direct peering agreement also reduces the potential for dropped data packets that may occur with third-party providers.
  • Lower costs. By using direct traffic paths between peered businesses, users eliminate the potential for additional charges associated with using third-party networks.
  • More delivery options. The Flexential FlexAnywhere fabric provides numerous paths to direct traffic to and from users and locations, providing maximum flexibility and scalability.
  • Increased bandwidth. Peering also allows for large amounts of traffic to be distributed across many networks.

Flexential’s partnership with IX-Denver is just one leg of our journey to expand and strengthen edge and interconnection fabric services. We remain committed to this path of building strong, strategic partnerships that grow and enrich connectivity options for our customers.

Tim Parker, VP Network Solutions, Flexential

Tim Parker

Senior Vice President of Network Strategy

Tim is the vice president of network strategy at Flexential, where he is responsible for guiding the company's interconnection ecosystem and developing network strategies and architectures for Flexential's HybridEdge Strategy.

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