Simplify digital transformation and overcome cultural change hurdles

The culture barrier is the number one challenge holding back the success of many large enterprise IT projects. The decision is finally made, vendors are selected, IT resources are assigned and still the project fails. Why?

Change. Change is difficult and in a large enterprise organization, it’s even more demanding. Digital transformation drives change in technology and culture. It changes the way applications are implemented, where workloads are hosted and how IT operates.

Relatively speaking, technology changes are simple; unplug one server, plug in the new one. Changing a culture means working with people. People changes are hard, which is why you need the support of a company that understands how to apply the power of people in a technical world.

Flexential has developed several tailored solutions specifically designed to help you simplify digital transformation and to drive successful IT projects. We’ll leverage our resources along with your insights to develop solutions that accelerate your success.

Our large enterprise-focused solutions include our HybridEdge technology to move your workloads and data closer to your employees and customers, disaster recovery options that range from cloud-based storage to fully managed backup storage and tailored colocation solutions that offer unparalleled configuration options with tremendous scalability. We also offer a full range of professional services including architecture and planning, migration services and project management.

Flexential is a partner you can trust to build a flexible solution that fits your unique needs. Bring your content and applications into our fleet of connectivity-rich data centers, backed by an industry-leading network backbone capacity of 100Gbps. With locations in 21 markets, including some of the fastest growing such as Denver, Tampa, and Portland, you can deliver services more quickly and effectively to meet employee and customer experience expectations.

Features and benefits

Features of enterprise solutions

  • Nationwide data center footprint
  • Industry-leading network backbone capacity of 100 Gbps Over 80 on-net carriers and international connectivity
  • IP bandwidth with DDoS scrubbing
  • Professional services support covering your greatest IT needs

Benefits of enterprise solutions

  • Guaranteed uptime and reliability
  • Put your equipment closer to your customers with geographically dispersed, reducing latency and increasing performance
  • Eliminate points single points of failure and future-proof your business
  • Implement scalable, flexible and secure disaster recovery ensuring maximum uptime and avoiding costly downtime

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What our customers say
“Having worked closely with Flexential for a number of years, I appreciate that we have built up a great amount of trust. The communication is very open and honest, we are never surprised by anything. But perhaps most impressive is the lengths to which they go to find creative solutions to our needs. Flexential really is a partner, much more than just a vendor. “
Carter Lee, Senior Vice President of Technology,