Start-up demands economical, dynamic testing and development site

At its inception, Medical Tracking Solutions was an ambitious technology start- up with a big idea. The company’s founders saw the urgent need to accurately track medical devices and implants to enable manufacturers, distributors and healthcare providers to manage inventory across varied enterprises throughout the country and to provide rapid response to FDA recalls and other patient safety events.

The company set out to create the first technology solution to solve this industry-wide problem. Its product, iTraycer, is a comprehensive inventory management system software solution that enables the instant and accurate tracking of medical devices, implants and surgical tools in real time. Initially using its own servers as it worked on a web-based solution that would seamlessly connect with a wide range of device manufacturers’ and medical centers’ databases, Medical Tracking Solutions recognized that it needed a more robust testing and development environment as well as specialized data administration expertise in order to continue to improve its solution.

Medical Tracking Solutions preferred not to invest in an array of expensive hardware and in hiring full-time database administrators. As more established companies joined the company’s customer roster, Medical Tracking Solutions needed a technology partner with a solid reputation and unbeatable expertise.

Tailored cloud solution and knowledgeable staff address compliance and promote availability

Medical Tracking Solutions discovered Flexential, a hybrid IT company that offers secure colocation, cloud, connectivity, managed solutions and professional services. After identifying Medical Tracking Solutions’ business and technology needs, Flexential worked with the company’s team to develop an overall IT strategy and design a unique production and testing environment for iTraycer.

Today, the iTraycer software as a service solution and Medical Tracking Solutions’ quality assurance, production and development sites are hosted within a Flexential data center using its public cloud. The Flexential public cloud delivers an infrastructure as a service model from a scalable, enterprise-class, multi-tenant environment.

Medical Tracking Solutions also leverages the Flexential Recovery Cloud Prime tier, which is housed in a Flexential data center more than 300 miles away, to protect its corporate and customer data. Flexential Recovery Cloud Prime provides fully managed, cloud-based infrastructure for restoring mission-critical applications and minimizing data loss in the event of application outage or production site failure.

Finally, Medical Tracking Solutions uses Flexential managed security services — specifically, its HIPAA security solution — to guard access to iTraycer data as it travels the Internet back and forth between customer sites. While iTraycer is not subject to HITECH and HIPAA guidelines, many of its customers are, and they expect iTraycer to support them in compliance. Flexential regulatory-compliant data centers and managed security services help companies with such solutions pass audits with flying colors.

“When it comes to security and compliance, particularly in the healthcare space, Flexential has been a great resource,” says Stephen Bradley, chief executive officer of Medical Tracking Solutions. “Flexential has been able share best practices for healthcare IT, and we’ve been able to take advantage of products they offer for HIPAA security programs. That’s not the focal point of our expertise, so it’s been extremely helpful for us.”

Full confidence in secure, HIPAA-compliant solution

Putting sensitive information into the cloud can be intimidating for medical device companies and healthcare customers. These customers need full assurance that their hosting provider is secure and experienced.

“Flexential has been really helpful in a lot of ways. At least five of our signed customers showed a real interest in our hosting provider. Being able to reference Flexential gave them the comfort they needed to work with us as a provider,” Bradley explains.

The Flexential solution also enabled a fast transition from start-up to in-demand solution provider. Today, the Medical Tracking Solutions IT environment successfully protects data worth millions of dollars, and that data is housed in the Flexential public cloud. As the company brings in new customers, iTraycer is tracking hundreds of thousands of medical devices, implants and surgical tools, and adding more every day.

With Flexential, Medical Tracking Solutions also has the freedom to forego employing specialists to take care of its physical network. This allows its IT team to maximize resources for development, implementation and maintaining physical assets.

“We don’t have to employ people to take care of the physical network. This makes it possible for us to maximize our IT resources. The ability to count on someone else to manage upgrades and add new hardware is great for our growing company,” notes Bradley. “We’ve never had any significant downtime, which means the software our customers rely on is always up and running.”

The team at Medical Tracking Solutions — from the account manager to the executive decision makers — agree that Flexential provides great service. “From day one, we were in with Flexential. They have been an excellent service provider since the beginning,” concludes Bradley.