Flexential hybrid edge solution dramatically reduces latency and delivers a seamless customer experience

Delivering compliant colocation and 100% uptime for TruStone Financial from Flexential on Vimeo.

Serving 15 locations and over 100,000 members in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas, TruStone Financial is dedicated to providing its members with a secure, reliable online experience. To improve responsiveness, the organization also wanted more robust connectivity between its branch locations. To achieve this, TruStone needed an infrastructure solution that could ensure 100% uptime in a PCI-compliant environment.

Flexential PCI compliant colocation addressed these needs and more. Its monitored environment and secure individual cage space with screwed down floor panels, covered cages and controlled access heightened security for TruStone. With redundant power, cooling and connectivity, Flexential also guaranteed 100% uptime for an always-accessible online experience.

With more than 80 on-net carriers, the Flexential hybrid edge solution also expanded TruStone’s connectivity options to speed delivery time and provide a more seamless experience.

“By going with Flexential we were able to use a different communication vendor that didn’t require us to hop through Chicago,” explained Wynn Hagemeyer, network administrator at TruStone. “The result was our latency was able to drop from 15-20 milliseconds to 3-5 milliseconds. That makes a huge difference to our members.”

The Flexential partnership reaches beyond colocation services to help TruStone navigate the future of its IT strategy. With cloud, professional services, disaster recovery and more, Flexential is positioned to support TruStone through its current requirements and the critical next steps in its growth strategy.

Watch this video to learn how Flexential helped TruStone Financial provide a secure, seamless online experience for its customers.